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  Here's a section for the site where we'll feature Restorations that have been done to some of the older bassboats.
We'll start with a fantastic restoration that Mike Pruett carried out
on his 1979 HydraSports 178VEE.

The boat was purchased in 1982 after spending a hard two years on the Lake of the Ozarks, MO at a marina.  The cap was badly faded but generally in good condition otherwise.
Fished the boat long and hard for all this time and started a restoration on it about 4 years ago.
We stripped all decals, hardware, gauges and equipment from the boat and had a guy who specializes in painting Corvettes paint a heavy metallic acrylic enamel paint on the cap to match the original metal flake.  Paint has held up good so far.  Added a 1995 Evinrude 150 to replace the 1974 115 hp (which by the way was still running great!).
Boat will do low 60's GPS.
Latest step was to have an extended deck installed and I had C & O Fiberglass in White Bluff, TN do this work last week.  What a great place with some talented people!

Mike Pruett - SC   March 3/2002.

P.S. I am headed to Ohio this weekend to purchase a 1998 196 HydraSports and the 1979 will be handed down to my son.

Photos of Mike's boat before the Restoration
** Click on Thumbnails for larger photos

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Deck construction at C & O Fiberglass

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The Finished Product !!

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