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RANGER Likes & Dislikes

Boat runs like it just stole your best lure. The pull handles on compartments are tits up. The spare tire needs relocated to unblock R/S view of trailer when towing. This is a fantastic boat!
Grayrider - GA            1998 Ranger R80 Sport w/150 Merc                                             
Likes: Absolutely everything. Once you have ridden and fished in a Ranger 620 you'll never, ever go back to a bass boat of any make. These things are spectacular and have tons of toom Owned 4 Rangers and this one blows them all away!
Dislikes: I bought it with the Vertical Pro windshields (plexi). Mistake...the full windshield is phenomenal. I had one installed this off-season.
Prax123 - MN              2008 Ranger 620DVS w/225 Merc Pro XS                                    
Dislikes: Wondering if anyone has problems with livewell spider cracks; this is the second time in shop for same thing. Seems to be no fix. Is it just my boat or are there more out there?
Wilder - TX                     2012 Ranger Z520 w/250 Merc                                                    
Likes: Boat rides well, has lots of storage, ample deck space. Rod lockers will hold 8' rods, has built in ice chest and large livewells. Boat will cruise at 60 in rough water. Very stable fishing, even with a big partner. Hull is built to last. This is my 3rd Ranger; I'll never own anything else.
Dislikes: Fuel mileage isn't great but I knew that before I bought it. There is a price to pay for safety and comfort.
Itsubob2 - CA                  1994 Ranger 492V w/225 Yamaha                                              
Likes: Fit and finish, ride & handling, layout, space.
Dislikes: Divided livewell, would rather have two livewells and it's kind of small.
Would like to see 2 access hatches instead of one for easier access to storage on front deck. Would like some moulded-in cup holders rather than the cheap screw-on style.
No glove compartment/miscellaneous storage area. Middle seat/step would be perfect place for cupholders/glove compartment. Rear deck is bit too big, could move seats back a bit and make front deck bigger.
MassBass320v - MA      2004 Ranger 520VX w/225 Yamaha HPDI                                 
Very solid feeling boat. Stable for fishing. Good rod storage in port locker, nice cooler, good livewells and decent sized back deck. I bought it used in 2010, replaced the battery charger and electronics. Runs mid 50's WOT, good ride at 3500 to 4500 rpm, even in some chop. Overall, for a smaller, used bass boat it has been good to me.
Scott - NC          2003 Ranger 185VX w/150 Optimax                                                          
Boat handles very nice on KY Lake, where you see a lot of  rough water, also gives the fisherman a great amount of room. Even your partner in the back shouldn't complain about comfort. Fits in third bay of garage nicely. When I move down to Kentucky Lake after retirement I will buy a home!
Fred C - IN         2007 Ranger Z19 w/225 Merc Pro XS                                                       
This is my second Ranger.
Likes: This motor runs great. Handles and rides super smooth between 35 and 50 cruising speed. You feel the wheel more but still handles great up to about 65. Slight walk at top speed of 70 GPS. Fishability is perfect for me as I usually have my two sons with me. The extra large rear deck gives enough casting room for all 3 of us. Fit & finish is superb. Plenty of storage room for all my tackle and gear. Tracking in wind is good.
Dislikes: It's really minor, but would like a little taller windshield on console. This one really doesn't help much for me since I'm rather tall at 6'4". Also would like to have a small glove box or compartment at helm for items like truck keys, sunglassses when out early or late, etc.
Bhog - WV                  2009 Ranger 208 VX w/225 Yamaha HPDI Series 2                      
Love everything about the boat! Has style and function, very stable ride and great platform to fish from. Plenty of giddy up with the HO off the back. Really have no dislikes, this is my first Ranger after 17 years in a Tracker 18 footer!
Milehigh - CA            2004 Ranger 520VX Comanche w/225 Evinrude HO                        
Likes: Spacious front deck, design and placement of storage compartments is practical.
I get to store stuff where it makes sense. Fit and finsih is good. At this time I get a quality Ranger at a price I can afford. Pulling the trailer is easy and affordable. Everybody at David Fritts Outdoors helped me get this configured exactly to my specs. I think it's a good look boat, the 115 hp is plenty (WOT = 42 mph gps), plenty fast for this size boat. I am a lucky guy!
Dislikes: I am not convinced of the E-Tec reliability.
HankBass - NC           2008 Ranger 177TR w/115 Evinrude E-Tec                                      
I love my Ranger but it takes too long to plane out, bow rises high out of water. I've moved weight around to level prop all the way down, what can I buy or do to help this matter?
Bob - OK                     1983 Ranger V330 w/110 hp                                                              
Likes: Nice storage, great ride in rough water with 25 Trophy, awesome hook up on turns, great fuel economy at high speeds.
Dislike: With a 25 Tempest gets real hairy at 69 mph, 67 mph with 25 Trophy and handles better with safer ride if you don't know how to steer out of chinewalk. Very sweet boat, name says it all.
Fish Farm - FL             2000 Ranger 520DVX w/225 Merc Optimax                                  
Likes: Stability, ride, fit & finish, livewells, everything about the boat. On our way back in off Lake Erie we got caught in 6 footers and my girl got us back with no problem. I would compare it to a Cadillac of boats, not the fastest with a top speed of 68, but rides and handles like a dream.
Also, if you keep it in the 4500-5100 rpm range, it is great on gas.
Dislikes: Would like to see the top speed hit at least 70. Seeing how I don't go that fast with the gas prices they way they are, it is not a big deal.
Bassman2168 - OH      2004 Ranger 520VX w/225 Merc Optimax                                     
This is my first Ranger boat. Ride is great, plenty of room, very well set up even with a dual
console. Yamaha is awesome.
Dislikes: Well the trailer jack is real loose and flops around, compartment handle chrome peeling, rear light housing chrome peeling, carpet loose, front Lowrance X125 is junk, need new transducer, center seat button is a pain, keeps flopping up in the wind at higher speeds.
Bassn69 - IL                2006 Ranger 188VS w/175 Yamaha HPDI                                     
Owned many Skeeters and Champs. I will say without question the 519 is the best 19' fishing platform I have ever fished on bar-none in all types of water, super stable and level. All I have to say is I will own this boat for a long while, super quality and solid.
My dislikes: Much harder to drive than Champs or Skeeters, very touchy with the trim. But when you hit the sweet spot she'll keep up with most.
Championitup - OR     2003 Ranger 519 w/200 Evinrude                                                    
Likes: This boat is new to me and the first thing I noticed is everything works like it is supposed to, i.e. the gauges, livewells, etc.  This is my first Ranger and I have owned other early 90's brands and half of the things didn't work and needed fixed. The next thing I noticed when I took it out for the first time was the actual quality and feel of the boat. Very stable when standing up walking around the boat. Looking forward to many hours out on the boat this year!
Dislikes: Absolutely none so far!
Bassman2168 - OH     1994 Ranger 481VS w/175 Merc XRi                                             
Likes: I love this boat! I am a first time Ranger owner and I love every bit of being in this boat. I don't care what Triton, Skeeter or BassCat owners say, this boat tops them all! The Evinrude is the best outboard on the market - HANDS DOWN!  It's the quietest, sharpest looking and best performing motor on the market. But Ranger makes the best boat in the world, with hammer down, head turning reminders that can't get any better!!
Dislikes: Top end speed is kinda slow, only 50 mph.
Basshope519 - PA       2007 Ranger 178VS w/115 Evinrude E-Tec                                      
Likes: Really like my boat, good, fast, dry ride everything still works like it was designed to. Motor runs great.
Dislikes: Compared to the new four stroke motors mine burns a lot of fuel.
Oldranger - LA            1987 Ranger 350V w/1995 Merc XR6                                             
Cadillac on the water, lot's of fishing room on the boat. Love the Optimax motor, very good gas mileage, no oil in water like behind older boats. Very stable ride in water, would not own another boat.
Hustler - FL                 2001 Ranger 520 DVX Comanche w/225 Merc Optimax               
Likes: This boat is amazing. Huge front flippin' deck, tons of storage, beautiful design, color, shape, etc. Looks fast on the water. Pretty fast for a 17 footer, 50 mph at top end. Incredibly sturdy to stand in and real comfortable in chop. 
Extremely versatile. Great customer service and it's the best riding boat I've ever been in. I will always get Ranger.
Dislikes: The motor is a great motor but it is kinda ugly because it's really skinny.
Rngerbass519 - PA       2007 Ranger 170VS w/90 Yamaha                                                 
Likes: Awesome motor, loads of power, gets on plane very fast. Overall good boat some problems.
Dislikes: Carpet is coming up in place and more....
188 - KY           2007 Ranger 188VS w/150 Merc Optimax                                                   
Great ride, good holeshot. Denver Marine takes care of my needs and great service department. E-Tec 200 HO takes boat at around 70 with hydraulic jackplate and 26 Raker II prop.  SRS seating makes for a great ride and the boat is well laid out and a lot of quality throughout boat. Best ride I ever owned!
GMC - NC         2006 Ranger 519VX w/200 HO E-Tec                                                     
Likes: I love this boat, this is my second Ranger, moved up from an R61. Lots of room, lots of storage, rides sa-moooth. The 150 HO E-tec has been outstanding. Quiet and powerful. Everything from the upholstery to the gel coat is quality. The SRS seating is a must-have upgrade. The recessed TM pedal was also a great option. This boat was worth every penny.
Dislikes: Trailer fenders do not have sufficient protection from making contact with the hull.
The middle seat release is a pain in the A$$.
Bassrat - NY       2007 Ranger 188VS w/150 E-Tec HO                                                        
This boat is great for the price! Love just about everything on this boat. It's propped out with a Yamaha 21" ProSeries and has an excellent holeshot. Top end could be a little better but the holeshot makes up for it. Best I've seen out of the top end is right around 61 mph and that's with low fuel and just me in the boat. Overall it's a great boat!
16hourdrive - TX       2007 Ranger w/150 Yamaha HPDI                                                     
Likes: Great boat that can handle anything I throw at it. Lots of room on the back deck, which is great for my guests. Great trailer also....tow it over 20,000 miles each year. Never once a problem.
Dislikes: Not much....the glove-box on the passenger console leaks once in a while in heavy rain. Other than that....NADA.
Rick - IL                 2004 Ranger 195DVS w/200 Merc EFI                                                
Likes: Excellent fishing machine, large front deck, large livewell, solid construction, beautiful boat.
Dislikes: Somewhat rough riding in choppy water, besides that, awesome boat. Like to see changed: Lengthen to 20' with same layout and increase hp to 225.
Bayou - LA             2006 Ranger 519VX w/200 Merc Optimax                                             
Likes: Quality craft. Safe ride in any weather, huge boat (listed as 22') but still quick. Fishes 2 with room to spare, 3 with no problem. No backwash even when taken out of gear from WOT.
Sits level even when partner and I are both moving around.
Dislikes: Any replacement part that says "Ranger" is expensive.  Rod boxes occasionally leak in heavy rain.
LizrdLps - OK        1997 Ranger 492VS w/225 Merc                                                           
Likes: Lots of storage/rod space. Good ride in rough water. Wide fishing deck. Quality craftsmanship. Very stable fishing platform. Can pull a skier with 3 adults in the boat with Yamaha F150 4 stroke. Nice trailer.
Dislikes: Trailer jack has to be fully raised to stow. Center folding seat is awkward to fold from step to seat.
Okie185VS - OK     2005 Ranger 185VS w/Yamaha F150 4 stroke                                      
I really like this boat. The layout is great. The front deck extension makes the front deck huge. Storage is great, I really like the versatility of this boat. You can fish any way you like from this boat, you can cast, troll, drag livebait, however you like to fish. The 50" livewell is nice as is the 8' rod box.
Shane - VA   1997 Ranger 681VS w/2001 135 Ficht                                                           
Likes: I really love everything about this rig. From the easy starting smooth operation of the Yamaha, to the ease and comfort and performance of the boat. It's without question the best boat I've ever owned! And it looks great on and off the water.
Dislikes: The carpet glue has worked loose in a couple of placed, and I've re-attached with some better adhesive.
Mully - GA    2006 Ranger 188VS w/150 Yamaha HPDI                                                  
Likes: I'm very impress with the new 188VS design, and the 150 Optimax is perfect for this boat, it has great holeshot and top end.  This is my first Ranger and I thought they were overpriced but you get the quality.
Dislikes: I'm at work typing this instead of being in my Ranger fishing!!
Fishntx62 - TX   2006 Ranger V188VS w/150 Optimax                                                       
I've had it out 3 times and absolutely love it.  The ride is smooth, plenty of storage and very stable. I've had a partner with me each time and had plenty of room for both of us.  My only complaint....no cupholders.
B1Dave - TX    2006 Ranger 175VS w/115 Yamaha                                                           
The boat is fast out of the hole and stable in chop. I had the Garmin fishfinder replaced as it would cut off intermittently. The absence of carpet makes it a good redfish or bass boat.
I wish I could get an additional display for the front of the boat when trolling but Garmin doesn't make one. Other than that, the boat is very reliable.
MikeP - FL       2004 Ranger VS195 w/200Yamaha                                                             
This boat is a wonderful fishing platform. It is stable and very comfortable. The storage is awesome and I really like the cooler location. The only dislike of the boat is that it has only one cupholder and it is on the passenger side. Kudos to Ranger on the design of this boat....it is nearly perfect!
Rogerrose63 - AR    2003 Ranger 519DVX Nascar w/200 Evinrude DFI                          
Likes: Love my Z21. The ride is great and the Yamaha is a dream. Great storage, handling and overall a 10.
Dislikes: Carpet glue not holding in some spots. GPS178C, having a problem with display on front mount. I get a depth line but very faint. I talked to everyone from Ranger to MinnKota to Garmin and the only fix is a grounding wire that MinnKota sent me which did not work.
If anyone can help me please drop me an e-mail. I would still recommend this boat to all.
Bev - FL              2005 Ranger Z21 w/250 Yamaha HPDI                                                    
Likes: Stable to fish from it's like fishing off a dock, very well built, plenty of storage, seats are awesome, sits level at rest in the water and minimal effect from wind while fishing. Just wish it rode better and was a touch faster overall.
Dislikes: Slow, not much lift, slow out of the hole, rides rough, no built in cooler.
Rngr481 - KS       1993 Ranger 481V w/93 175 Johnson Fastrike                                      
Likes: Smooth, Stable Ride, Fishability, lots of room for gear, built to last and she's nice to look at.
Dislikes: I wanted to buy a new cover from Ranger but I decided against it when I found out that they cost $800. WTH? Bought a generic one from BPS instead.
Rudeman - IL      1994 Ranger 361V Comanche w/150 Merc XRi                                      
Likes: Lots of DRY storage, stability, ride and fit and finish.
Dislikes: Price
Rangerhgm - OH      2004 Ranger 185SVX w/150 Johnson                                               
Likes:  Ranger boats, in general, are very solidly built and stable in rough water.  You can walk anywhere on the boat without causing it to pitch or roll.  The fit and finish is outstanding.  The HPDI is a dream engine.  It starts easily every time, is quiet while operating and it is easy on oil and fuel.
Dislikes:  The ONLY complaint I have had it with the instruments.  I have had the water pressure gauge and tach replaced under warranty.
FishinSwabbie - LA     2004 Ranger 185VS w/150 Yamaha HPDI                                      
Just bought my new Ranger and love it. I had a 18' Nitro and the ride is 100% better in the Ranger.  Good storage and a real good value compared to other brands.  Once you got the best who needs the rest.
Red Sled - FL       2004 Ranger 185VS w/150 Merc EFI                                                     
Likes: The amount of dry storage, rod box organizer, hydraulic steering, indash Garmin, onboard charger, swingaway trailer tongue, overall fishability, the ride and quality of the boat.
Dislikes: Time will tell....none at this time.
Mike - TX             2004 Ranger 185VS/150 Yamaha VMax                                               
Bought from a buddy in town, absolutely love it. Awesome storage in these boats, very smooth ride, plenty of front deck with a huge back deck for your partner.  Comfortable ride, decent holeshot.  The storage is still Incredible!!! Good speed for 20 ft boat.  66 mph w/2 full tanks
(56 gals).
Dislikes: Longer rod locker, can't fit 7 footers very well, no other complaints. 
Will never regret the purchase!!  If you want an all around Sweet boat, don't pass up Ranger.
Brett - IA               95 Ranger 488VS w/200 Merc                                                               
Likes - Overall I like everything.  There is plenty of storage space for tackle and what not.
The ride is comfortable. Handles like a Caddy. Wide variety of color schemes. Ranger owner for life.  Thanks Forrest!
Dislikes - None.
STEELAZ - VA      2003 Ranger 175VS w/115 Merc                                                        
Really like the motor. Starts good and runs very strong. Boat has plenty of room for two guys and gear. Livewell system is very strong. If it was any larger I would have to call it a whirlpool. Great tournament boat, very fishable, but no room for the family. Only dislike is that it is hard to fuel up and not have gas overflow.
Allsup - OK             2004 Ranger 519 SVX w/200 Merc Optimax                                       
I love this boat - Tons of storage - stable fishing and running.
I do have one dislike - The horn is wimpy.
TC200HO - CA       2003 Ranger 195VS w/200 H.O. Evinrude                                             
Likes - smooth dry ride, quiet while at wot, fast, plenty of storage, good fishability.
Dislikes - would like more bow lift, Yamaha idles too rough.
Robert - TX            1989 Ranger 360V w/150 Yamaha Pro-V                                               
Just bought this boat and absolutely love it.  I have owned HydraSports and Gamblers and this boat blows them both away with craftmanship and the attention to detail.
Ranger has thought about everything with this boat and put it into a practical 18'5" package.
I have no dislikes at all with this boat!
Jeff - VA                  2003 Ranger 185VX w/150 Yamaha VMax                                          
I love the versatility of the Ranger Fish & Ski, I can fish the Great Lakes on most days and get into the small lakes as well.  This boat will do 65 with no problems, handles well at top end and has a great holeshot.  For the guy who needs comfort for the wife and kids, this is a great boat, lots of storage, lots of leg room for all aboard, 40 gallon gas tank, large rear storage, large divided livewell and easy access to it.  
The drawbacks are that you have very little fishing room in the front, the rod locker only fits four rods however it has another place for skis (fits four rods as well), the walk through windshield cuts all wind but will get loose in big water however the bolts are easy to reach, the carpet seems to fray on the edges and get matted down in heavily used areas.
There is no doubt that my next boat will be a Ranger.
Fiveinthelive - MI       2000 Ranger R97 Reata w/175 Merc EFI                                      
Deck extension should be standard built in and waterproof like the Stratos boats. Need to design a shock absorbing bench seat to save on spinal column damage.  I think this is a no brainer, don't know why Ranger doesn't do these two things.  Original engine was a Ficht, has blown 3 times, what a piece of Cr- -.  Motorguide trolling motors go on me once a year, need to carry spare in SUV.  Would like to know of a more reliable trolling motor.  Lots of noise from trolling motor on Lowrance bow electronics.  Lowrance wiring suggestions didn't work.
Love boat otherwise.
Tugger - NY      1997 Ranger 391 XT w/200 Yamaha                                                           
Dislikes: Only 1 rod locker and it is too short.  Rear deck is too small, front flipping deck needs an extension.  I have the bench seat - very bad.  You have to step on the seat to go from the front to back of boat.  Sitting in the water, too much of an angle for guy on aft deck.  A bit squirrely close to 70 mph.  It's a short boat for the fat stern width.
Likes: Stable moving and standing still.  Two people can walk around at the same time safely. Smooth riding, sturdy craftmanship.
bfo - NE     1985 Ranger 340V w/175 Evinrude                                                                    
Like everything about it.  Plenty of storage, well designed and a great ride in rough water.
Dominic     1997 Ranger 461VS w/150 Evinrude Ficht                                                            
Likes: Like the stable ride and it keeps you dry, plenty of storage.
Dislikes: Haven't found any major ones yet. Boat is heavy and is not fast. 65 mph is top with 2 guys with a tournament load.
Bull_625 - IN      1997 Ranger 462VS Comanche w/150 Merc EFI                                    
Likes: Everything about the boat, quality, stability, support, etc.,etc.,etc.
The Merc has been rock solid...no problems whatsoever.
Dislikes: 115 Merc just not enough motor, I don't like the 2x2 feature, and wish I had a 
Yamaha 130.  I've just grown out of a 17 footer, but there is no Ranger dealer within 500 miles (USA) or 1000 miles (Canada).
Ringworm - New Brunswick, Can.     1994 Ranger R-72 w/115 Mercury                           
Boat is built like it has to survive in a combat zone.  I can see why there are so many 20 year old Rangers out there.  Workmanship is superb.  I've compared it to a lot of other boats.  Layout is excellent, as is fishability.  Only drawback is the boat is very heavy for its size.  Smooth riding even in fairly rough water for a boat in this size range.  Will run low to mid 50's with half a tank of gas and just me in the boat.  A full tank of bas will drop top speed as gas tank is in the front of the boat.
Draws about 13" of water.  An excellent boat for a guy that fishes lakes like Lake Geneva and Delevan in Southern Wisconsin.  Two people can fish comfortably out of this boat.  Three pushes the envelope, but it can be done.
Craig - IL                1997 Ranger 681 VS w/115 Evinrude Intruder                                      

Dislikes: This boat has a tendency to eat livewell pumps every now and then, but that's expected in a 12 year old boat.  The transom also has a big crack in it but this winter we are having a friend put in a new transom.
Likes: The boat can run with most of the new Rangers with 175's, but this is no speedboat. It will serve its purpose until I buy my Bullet.
Chad P - TN            1987 Ranger 360V w/175 Evinrude Intruder                                         10/9/00