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PROCRAFT Likes & Dislikes

I got this boat in '09. First time I took it out I was asked what I paid for the "new" boat. I fish Kentucky Lake, Guntersville and other rough lakes and it handles so well, it still looks grat on the water also. It's been in the shop one time with some minor trouble but it's 16 years old. I can't complain about it at all, only dislike I have (well 2), the trailer looks cheap compared to the boat itself and I just don't get to use it enough. Thank you BBC, your site is wonderful.
Bustinbassky - KY    1995 Procraft 200 Super Pro w/200 Merc                                          
Likes: I've had this boat 25 years and the color is still great, handles well in rough water, has been an exceptional boat overall. Recently I put in new carpet and new upholstery so it looks new again. Just hope it holds up as long as I do.
Dislikes: Really there aren't any.
EBiddy - TN             1984 Procraft Competitor 17.5' w/150 Merc                                        
Likes: Stability, handling, appearance, XR6 quick on plane and top end.
Dislikes: Storage. 
Overall a very capable boat, dry in rough water, fishes great, just a little water over the back end when slowing - hydrofoil helps a lot.
GJ10SPEED - TX     2004 Procraft 185DC w/150 Merc XR6                                               7/12/10
Likes: Good looking boat, fit and finish is pretty good, ride is above average. Fair amount of bells & whistles, tilt wheel, great looking trailer.
Dislikes: Narrow front deck, water over the back, Very wet ride.
Court - MO               2007 Procraft Super Pro w/200 Merc Optimax                                    
Likes: Quick for its size (75 gps), stable in rough water, good size fishing deck, lots of storage. Dislikes: Water over the back, will take a little water over the front/sides in rough water.
Mr70ss - WA             2001 Procraft 210 SP DC w/ 250XB Pro Merc                                   
Likes: Great fishability, comes out of the hole good and handles tight to the water.
Dislikes: Rough in moderate water, it wears on my back (and this is a big boat). Should have had a 250 hp and it is a very wet ride. The trailer is impossible to load straight on.
Bassman04 - KY       2004 Procraft 210 Super Pro w/225 Merc Optimax                              
Likes: Love it. Went from a 175 BassTracker to this. Won the tournament first serious trip on the water. Seems to move well in rough water and it looks good too.
Dislikes: Wish the trailer was nicer. For such a pretty boat it sure could look better going down the road with a fancier trailer.
ProBassCraft - IN      2001 Procraft 185 Pro w/Merc XR6                                                     
Likes: Love it, lots of storage, lots of deck space, good ride and plenty fast.
Dislikes: Don't really have any but I kinda wish I had bought the 200 SP, probably will next time, a little hard to get around in tight places than my old 196 Champ.
Toby G - MO     2005 Procraft 210 SP/DC w/Merc Optimax                                                  
Great boat, fine ride 50+. I don't like the trailer. Single axle with a single leaf spring. Boat bounces way too much when pulling. Has anyone replaced the single spring with a 2 or 3 leaf spring?
Grinna - CA        2002 Procraft Pro 175DC w/125 Merc                                                         
First boat I've owned but I have been in a few others; none can compare. I bought the boat used in February '07 but it did not come with owner's manual for the boat or motor. Please someone scan in the manual and email them to me. Or if you know of a website that I could download them, that would be even better. I like the boat but the livewell system is confusing and I don't like the hot foot. I fish for bass and crappie but sometimes like to troll. The hot foot will make trolling difficult. I cannot seem to find the proper receiver and ball height for the trailer to ride correctly buat that is my fault.
LDA007 - TN     2006 Procraft Super Pro 192 w/150 Merc Optimax                                    
Likes: I must like it a lot, I've had it 17 years. Great dry ride, acres of deck space fore & aft and lots of dry storage that stays dry.
Dislikes: Single axle trailer is a joke for a boat this size, needs a tandem with brakes. Came with a 3 blade 27" prop that ran 70+ mph on the top end but was a dog on the bottom end. Had to run 30 mph to pull a skier or stay on plane with a heavy load. Went to a 23"High Five with great results. I can now pull skiers or go cruising the lake without blowing people out of the boat. Still runs 60+ on the top end.
Sonic - TX     1990 Procraft 192 Pro w/200 Merc Black Max                                                 
Likes: Coming from a 185DC to a 210 is like VW to a Caddi. Just getting broke in, love the ride, sets down without backwash unlike 185.
Dislikes: I did not buy this size to start with and it's not paid for.
Slowpro - AL      2006 Procraft 210 w/225XS Merc                                                                  
Likes: Really nice ride and handles well. Stable when fishing even in choppy water. Boat feels solid, good storage, had held up real well. No problems with anything expect battery charger and they replaced that for free.
Dislikes: Rod lockers are too narrow at one end. Water over the back when stopping. Water does not completely drain from livewells.
Canalcritter - FL       2001 Procraft Super Pro 200DC w/200 Merc EFI                                 
Likes: Great rough water ride, salt water (brackish) compatible for inshore fishing, storage is awesome, very fish friendly on the tournament trail. Needs: Rod organizers, lighted boxes, timers on livewells.
Dislikes: Water over the back when settling down (this can be avoided with technique), water in the rod boxes (where is this from?), no where near being rigged properly off of the showroom floor.
Joebassbenton - FL       2004 Procraft 205DC w/200 Merc                                                   
Likes: This boat is laid out good for fishing. Everything is where it should be. Lots of storage.
Handles rough water good. Boat is FAST!!  73.8 mph GPS. The Optimax is the best motor EVER built!
1. Should be rated for a 225!
2. I've owned several boat before but this is the first one that didn't come with a "real owners manual". The generic one just doesn't cut it. I had to figure out the pumpout system on my own.
3. You have to be careful setting it down or water comes over the back deck (where have I heard that before).
4. I wish the livewells were setup with timers that you can adjust.
5. Tracker Marine needs to offer more apparel and accessories for their customers. Ranger sells 42 different caps. ProCraft has 4. What about a tag for the front of my truck or a big decal for my back window?
6. Boat will chinewalk if the setup is just a little off.
Don't get me wrong, I LOVE this boat but they could make some improvements overall. I think for the money it's the best bang for the buck.
Super Pro 200 - AL      2005 ProCraft 200 Super Pro DC w/'05 200 Merc Optimax            
Likes: 2nd Super Pro. Had a 2003 210 before.  This boat rides almost as good as a 210 and handles a thousand times better.  Quicker holeshot, more maneuverable, quicker to get on pad. Runs 70+ gps loaded (haven't run it light yet).  Don't misse the little extra deck the 210 had.
Great tournament boat.  Shallow draft for size. Easy to work on...will buy another 200 next time..best boat they have ever made.
Dislikes: Typical Tracker minor (but easily fixed) electrical issues...rod organizers should be standard...trailer needs better brakes and better bunk design....need to do something about easiness of flooding when setting down...other than that can't complain.  For the money best boat on the water....2nd PC that steering wheel center cap blew off of....rate it for a 225 :)
ProcraftBJ - GA    2004 Procraft 200 Super Pro w/2004 3.0 liter 200 EFI Merc                  
Excellent ride, good looking, dry ride. Always been hard to get straight back on trailer.
Smitty - IN    90 Procraft 192 Pro w/200 Mariner                                                                   
Likes: I traded a Crusier motorcycle for this boat a year ago and have had several boats in my life but this is the Best small boat I have ever owned, it's fast (55 mh) with a stable ride. Well made everywhere you look & I'm always getting compliments at the boat ramp at how good it looks. 
Dislikes: If I had to really pick at it the only thing I would have added is more dry storage in the rear 2 compartments instead of those drop in trays. If I were looking to buy a new rig I would definitely look at Procraft!  Have Fun, I am!
Banjo/Bass - 1995 Procraft 150B w/90 Mariner                                                                     
I like the ride, very smooth that is nice for an aching back.  Plenty of storage. Livewell on the front deck and a huge livewell in back that I have never in three years lost a fish, including several 4 to 50 pounders. There are better boats out there, but for what I had to spend I go all my moneys worth. I fish 1 to 2 times a week, 90% local money tournaments and it has been very faithful for a 13 year old boat.  I like the fact I have not ever seen another Procaster while competing or anywhere for that matter just like mine.  It still shines like a new one and I get many compliments.  I like that this 1990 has almost every option in a bass boat that is available today.
23 Trophy 5200 rpm WOT, my speedo (lies) 52 mph.  It takes a 175 or more to pull away from me.  I could not ask for a better holeshot and that means a lot when in the lakes around here I can go from one end to the other in 10 to 20 minutes or less.  I am not an expert, but I know whoever ran the Procraft company in 1990 (Mercury Marine) built quality and already knew what direction bass boat building was going.
Now if you have read this far then you realize that I am a proud owner.  Now I don't like the seating arrangement; I am 6 ft and it was setup for a 5 1/2 footer to drive.  I also build muscles while steering which is common for this type boat.  It is hard to complain I am grateful for what I have and love to compete.  If I could afford a brand new boat I would shop around a lot. From what I hear Procrafts are not the same nowadays.  If anyone reads this that has a 1990 Procaster please notify me; there are some issues I would like to discuss.
Rare Procraft    1990 Procraft 180 Procaster w/150 Marine Mag II                                    
Dislike when stopping slow or fast, water comes over the rear of the boat causing water to go up exhaust port making engine skip. This also causes a problem with the seats not being level when you are fishing. Seat seams are coming apart after 1 year.  This will be the last Procraft boat that I will buy.
Olan - GA        2002 Procraft 185 w/115 Merc                                                                 
Love the boat but the trailer sucks.  I live here in Cleveland and the weather just warmed up enough to get the boat out of the garage.  Could not move the boat though because the fender well was collapsed down on top of the tire.  From sitting over the winter the torsion suspension on the driver's side collapsed and also cut the brake line.  Waiting to see what's going to happen with Procraft and what my dealer's going to do.
Jim - OH          2002 Procraft 190 Super Pro w/175 Merc EFI                                              
This was my 1st Procraft and have had over 10 other boats in my lifetime, and must say it is "THE BEST" Made for fishermen and planning on buying another one.  My dealer, SunDown Marine is the best for service.  The only dislike is the ice chest, but I corrected that by insulating with foam.
HalG - OK        2001 Procraft Super Pro 210 w/225 Merc Optimax                                     
Likes: There is a lot to like about this boat/hull.  Procraft designed this boat for speed, and it's got that going for it.  I consistently get mid to high 70's on GPS depending on the load I'm carrying.  The rough water ride is good.  I've had it out in 3-4 ft waves on the Upper Chesapeake Bay and had no problems at all.  It's very fishable, the front deck isn't huge like on some 20 footers, but it is plenty big enough for me.  It is stable while fishing, and sits low on the water.
The back deck is much bigger than a lot of boats out there.
There is plenty of storage, although it only has one 8' rod box.  The boxes also stay dry when it rains.  The livewell system (Flow-rite) is first rate.  I haven't lost a fish yet.  Plenty of room behind the console as well.
Dislikes:  My boat has a single axle trailer, I wish it had a dual axle.  Ice doesn't last long at all in the cooler.  I've started to use ice packs in there without a problem though.  Those are my only dislikes.  All in all, I like this boat a lot.
ShallowDiver - DE     1994 Procraft Super Pro 200 w/200 Mariner EFI                              
Likes: So far this boat has surprised me in every way. Powered with the big Merc 225, it is plenty fast, the fishability and storage are great and the ride in rough water is awesome. 
I am currently turning a 25" Trophy prop @ 5600 rpms for a top speed of 74.3 GPS. The fit and finish of the hull is very impressive as well. The colors are a combo of Red, Black with Silver accents.
Dislikes: Although few, I wish the livewells would have been a little larger and I wish I could have gotten the boat with a tandem axle trailer instead of the single axle one.  Other than that, I am very satisfied.  I will definitely consider purchasing another Procraft in a few years, and I would definitely recommend this boat to anyone who is in the market.
Grimace - GA             2001 Procraft Pro 205 w/225 Merc EFI                                                
This is a follow up on the post below.  I just found a large crack in my Procraft trailer!!!
This crack is on the support bar where the front roller meets the winch.  There is a crack on both sides about 1/4".  I called Procraft and they said that they would take care of it under warranty. It looks like they changed the design of the winch area on newer boats.  Has anyone had any similar problems or any other trailer related issues??
Bassman - CT              2000 Procraft 185 DC w/150 XR6 Mercury                                        3/2/02
Likes: This is my 1st glass bass boat.  I checked into other boats and couldn't find anything that compared in the same price range.  Handles rough water well, was on Lake Champlain when 
4 foot swells came out of nowhere.  Good livewell systems except for the size. 
Plenty of storage.
Dislikes: Livewells are a bit too small.  The Procraft 190's have a much bigger system.
Had stitching on bench seat separate on me.  Seats had 1 year warranty, replaced by dealer.
Wish they had a better rod storage system than just 2 open rod lockers.
Bassman - CT              2000 Procraft 185 DC w/150 XR6 Mercury                                      

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS BOAT !!!  I have had it for about 2 months now. I paid $1000. for boat, motor, trailer and I invested $800 in lower unit for engine.  Everything else was in perfect shape.  I've had it up to 55 mph, but that was before I tweaked the carbs.  Very strong, very dependable boat.  When I buy a new boat, it WILL be a ProCraft.
Steelmaker1 - OH         1987 Procraft 1780V w/ 150 Johnson GT                                         7/30/01