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NITRO  Likes & Dislikes

I started having problems with the trailer bunk boards. They are attached with lag screws instead of bolts and they have started to work their way out of the boards. Trailer is a 2010 so it's not like the boards are real old. Just a cheap and flimsy way to attach the boards. 
There is not an inch of dry storage on this boat. Already had one cell phone ruined. 
Going to trade it for a Ranger!
Mrbenchpress - TX      2009 Nitro X5 w/115 Merc Optimax                                              
I bought the boat from Florida, when I first got it, it had a crappy Motorguide on it, changed it to MinnKota. When I towed it for the first time the trailer bounced like a balloon. Changed the springs from 3 leaf 1500 lbs to 4 leaf 2000 lbs and now tows like it was part of the truck, huge difference. Boat is 17.5' w/115 Merc and will do just about 58 mph trimmed to the max. Love the boat, next one will have 150 hp.
Butch - MA              2001 Nitro LX750 w/115 Merc                                                            
Lot of trailer work still in progress. Major problem with fuel venting into hull with chance of explosion not uncommon with other Nitros, passenger drink holder under seat, how did that get by? Been bass fishing many years, won't buy another Nitro.
Magpie - CA              2009 Nitro 898 w/175 Merc Optimax                                                 
Likes: Great fishing platform, quite a bit of storage, comfortable ride. Sharp looking, great trailer. Fast with a 150 (60-66 GPS with tournament load and two people). 
Dislikes: No hookup for a radio, hydraulic steering not standard on the boat.
Sreynolds - ME         2005 Nitro NX 882 w/150 Merc XR6                                                  
Likes: It is huge, tons of storage and one of the most stable boats I have ever had in rough water. 
Dislikes: I have none as of now. I have only owned the boat for about 7 months.
Crawdad18 - LA       2001 Nitro 911 CDC w/225 Merc EFI                                                  
Love my boat, storage good, great in rough water, fishes great. 70 plus gps, 25 stainless prop.
Custom color scheme trailer to match. Even with the new drainage system some things still get wet if you don't clean drains around boxes. Had problems with holeshot, pulled 2 plugs out of prop, problem solved. I noticed that someone stated that Triton couldn't touch his Nitro, well I've got friends with Tritons and BassCats and they will smoke your butt any day on the water 78 & 82 gps, 250 Pro XS. My 929 with 250 in BPS spec book 74 mph. But I don't see where they ride any better, we only beat them in price other than that they have their faults as do Nitro.
Nitrorick929 - VA     2008 Nitro 929 CDX w/225 Merc Optimax                                           
Love the boat, but the livewell plug does not stop water from entering livewells, will have to get a different plug that fits properly. Real pain in the butt! You would think if you had a tourney rig like this that they would have designed that part better, probably just an oversight. Everything else in the boat seems very good, fit and finish is nice and has tons of power to get you there.
Traversx - MO           2008 Nitro Z7 w/150 Merc EFI                                              
I own an '05 Nitro NX882 and it is an all around great boat. I have not had any problems with the boat knock on wood. It has plenty of room and storage for a boat just over 18 feet. I fish many tournaments in this boat and keep up with the bigger boats just fine. The 150 Opti tops out between 63-68 mph with 2 people and gear. The holeshot is somewhat slow due to the bow rise but the top end speed is great. I have also found that the porpoising is a pain in the butt. I plan to install a hydrofoil to eliminate porpoising and decrease bow lift, we'll see how it plays out.
The Merc Optimax is the stuff. It seems like a tank of fuel lasts almost an entire season. 
So when all is said and done it really is a great boat. 
LIPRIPPER - OR     2005 Nitro NX882 w/150 Merc Optimax                                             
This was Penny Berryman's backup boat. Beautiful colors. Lots of storage, deck space, etc. 
Top end speed is great, 70.4 gps. Handles rough water fantastic and fishes great. Accessibility to bilge, etc., is easy. Had trouble with the '03 Optimax, Tracker in OKC got hold of Mercury and they put all new 05 components in the top. Heads, injectors, everything. Runs great now. 
Dislikes: No holeshot. Running a 25" prop and the holeshot is awful. Boat is really heavy for a 225. When it rains, get water in one rod box. Already had to replace the bunks on trailer; wood was already rotten.
Fishlips - OK    2003 Nitro 929 w/225 Merc Optimax                                                         
Likes: Nice clean boat as far as fit and finish go. Runs well in rough and calm water. Great storage capacity and good range on the fuel tank. No problems with the trailer yet - I think they have come a long way in the last couple of years.
Dislikes: As mentioned by another Nitro owner - Nitro could stand to tighten up on their quality control when constructing the boat during the fiberglass process.
Nitro Canada - ON    2001 Nitro NX750 w/115 Merc                                                           
I love the boat, however I have many harsh feelings for Motorguide. I think Nitro should stop their partnership with Motorguide. I have a Digital Tour Series 82# TM. The motor uses steel cables for a steering system. On the metal tube that the steel cable runs through on the foot pedal, a piece chipped away and created a jagged edge which over time caused one of the cables to break.
Motorguide does not cover this in their warranty. The trolling motor is only 6 months old. I called Motorguide and asked them if this happened to a trolling motor that is a week old would they fix it, and they said no.
This is the best boat I have ever fished on, however I think Nitro is best without Motorguide as a partner.
Llsdjv - VA       2005 Nitro 929 CDX w/225 Merc Optimax                                                  
Likes: Boat handles great in rough water. Great top end, Triton, Ranger, Champion has nothing on Nitro far as speed. Had to replace center seat and driver's seat, they were coming apart.
Tracker replaced the seats, no problems. I love the storage, excellent fuel capacity. Boat very stable when fishing. I like the wider beam.
Dislikes: The trailer; I have a tandem, the rear axle leaks grease. They say it is because of the disc brakes generating more heat. I have had no problems with the tubular trailer, but I live in the Southwest desert. The last Nitro I had was 10 years old and no problems with tubular trailer.
If you own a boat, I don't care what kind it is, you better like working on them because there will always be something. Boats take a lot of vibrations.
Basswest - AZ       2004 Nitro 901 CDX w/200 Merc Optimax                                              
Like the boat, handles water well for an 18 ft. boat. Dual console is nice, plenty of room between the consoles. Deck extension is great.
Dislikes: The tube trailer, I will not buy anyone's "Tube" trailer. The 115 just isn't enough, needs the 150. If you buy a Nitro put the max motor on the boat. Would buy another.
Red Sled - FL        1996 Nitro 180 F/S w/115 Merc                                                             
I love everything about the boat except the poor trailer quality and the drain in the bottom of the boat is only about 6 inches square, centered up against where the driving seats are. When it rains a lot of water just pools on the floor if the boat is on any type of a slant.
Why couldn't the drain be about 1 inch wide and run all the way from one side of the boat to the other?  Seems like a pretty brainless flaw to me.
Justsandm - WV     2000 Nitro 640LX w/Merc 75                                                               
There is nothing that I would want Nitro to change with my 929 CDX boat.  I've owned several different boats and this one is great on rough water.  It weighs over 2000# and I feel very safe in the roughest water.  I have so much room on the front deck, it is a great boat.
If you are considering a new boat, test drive a Nitro, and if you want the very best motor on the market, get a Mercury.
I know I fish lots of tournaments and I know it will get me to my favorite fishing spot.  The Optimax saves 45% in fuel.  I almost forget to stop and get fuel.  Save money on fuel, plus it will get you there.  Mercury !!!!
JWLures - LA    2001 Nitro 929 CDX w/225 Merc Optimax                                              
Likes: Boat handles rough water great for a 18 footer.  Boat is small enough for sneaking around tule berms and veg mats.  Has enough get up with the 150 Opti to get off the water on bad weather surprises!  Great amount of storage for gear and rods.  Solid boat for the money.
Dislikes: Wish the 800 LXS had more front deck space for two anglers to fish from. WE got the solid green color and it is a bear to keep clean.
C.Mort - NV      1997 Nitro 800 LXS w/150 Merc Optimax                                                 
Likes: I don't like my boat - I LOVE it!
It's a 1995 Nitro 180 (17'6") with a 115 Merc that I bought new in Feb. '96. I've used it everywhere from medium-sized lakes to the Mississippi River in the backwaters of and in the Gulf of Mexico.  I've been on the water when it was glass-smooth to bouncing over 4+ rollers with whitecaps coming up the Mississippi when I was trying to go down-river!  The boat has performed flawlessly! With all the abuse I've given it, the boat is in perfect shape!  The Merc performs just like all Mercs - never a hiccup!
One of my favorite features is the divided livewell; I fish for all species and with the divider removed the well easily holds 20+ pound flathead catfish! (See the picture at the "GrabBag" section at www.nitroowners.com.)
The 115 simply isn't enough motor for the boat - it deserves a 150.
Then there's the trailer - it pulls straight and loads easily, but....
The bulbs in the Wesbar encapsulated taillights kept going bad on me during the first few months and at $7 each they're a bit pricey to have to replace with any regularity. (Once, the bulb was just loose in the capsule!)  The Wesbar license plate holder is also too stiff and breaks from flexing.
The wiring is run through the tube frame where it corrodes.  I moved it to the outside and mounted it with self-adhesive channeling available from any hardware store for hiding home light wiring.
The tube frame, although strong, holds moisture and rusts quickly. I drilled extra holes to aid in drying and so that I could flush the insides with soapy water when I dunked it in salt/brackish water.  (I bought the combo off the Dealer's lot so couldn't order galvanized.)
The bunks were made of untreated wood and self-destructed after only 2 years.  I replaced them with treated wood and indoor/outdoor carpeting that slides much better.  Originally the carpeting was wrapped completely around the wood; I left the bottom uncovered to aid in drying.  I used stainless lag bolts instead of the galvanized variety.
Finally, the spare tire rack is too low and scrapes on every cigarette butt.  When it broke off I welded it up higher.
Scott - MO       95 Nitro 180 w/115 Merc                                                                            
Likes: Good boat for the price and with a 115 and a 3 blade SS prop would go 56 mph. Pretty good fit and finish, no real problems other than a fuel sending unit and a trim gauge when new.
Dislikes: Trailer was a piece of rust! With not many hours on the lake and always garage stored, the trailer was turning into a rust bucket, no customer support.  Will never buy another Nitro because of that.
psig - TX            96 Nitro w/ 115 Merc                                                                                   
Likes: Tons of storage for both my gear and my partner's, love the EFI, kicks over with the first turn, boat handles great in really rough water.  Easy access to the rear bilge area for work.  Nitro added many little extras that make fishing and running this boat great.
Dislikes: Wish that Nitro offered a c-frame trailer rather than a tubular one as an option, also wish that there were more choices for the electronics, I would rather have an LCD built in the bow rather than a flasher.  Lastly, Nitro has to tighten up on its quality control;there are a few blemishes in the hull and there is water getting into my storage compartments when it rains hard.
Tom Mac - NJ      2000 Nitro 929DX w/225 Merc EFI                                                        11/25/01