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Table Rock Lake, MO

March 22/23 - 2019

Coordinator:  Rudapa

Updated: January 9/19

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Registered as of January 9/19

 Arkyarcher - Wm Gene Wilson - Hot Springs, AR
 Number attending: 2
Arriving 3/20, leaving 3/24. Me and Slim will be there."
 KC Ron - Ron Duff - Gladstone, MO
 Number attending: 2
"Arriving 3/22, leaving 3/24."
 Chris King - Festus, MO
 Number attending: 2
"Arriving 3/20, leaving 3/24."
 Breeves2245 - Bruce Reeves - Bella Vista, AR
 Number attending: 1
"Arriving 3/22, leaving 3/23."
 Russ Parmer - Plattsmouth, NE
 Number attending: 2
"Arriving 3/20, leaving 3/24. Fishing with Larry."
 Bee2100 - Lebanon, MO
 Number attending: 2
"Arriving March 22nd, leaving March 23rd."
 Miligig - Rogersville, MO
 Number attending: 2
"Arriving March 21st, leaving March 24th. Dianne & John."
 Bassman25 - Independence, KS
 Number attending: 2
"Arriving March 21st, leaving March 24th."
 PII Magnum - Humboldt, KS
 Number attending: 2
"Arriving March 20th, leaving March 24th."
 Haulinbass - Larry Eby - Springfield, MO
 Number attending: 2
"Tentative as medical work may change plans."