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LUND Likes & Dislikes

I love my Lund. It's a tiller and can only have a 25 hp max on the reservoir I fish here in Massachusetts. With the tiller I have 18'9" of room to fish from. It's like a dance floor. Boat is built like a tank and will be floating long after I have sunk below ground level.
DA TOAD - MA   2006 Lund Alaskan w/25 Merc                                                     
Nice boat to fish out of....BUT it leaks. One rivet fell out and about 10-15 more are loose.
Needless to say, very disappointed. This was to be my last boat because of my retirement.
Al - MO               2001 Lund SS Angler w/Honda 115 hp                                          

Wish it had more storage space. Otherwise, I love my first boat. 55+ mph top end is not bad for this old of a boat.
Ldr1ff - WI          1995 Lund 1775 ProV w/ 150 Merc EFI                                         4/23/05