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LEGEND Likes & Dislikes

I like that I can run on 1-2 footers that are tighter waves that spike up and run on top of them, and shred them like butter. No way I would consider running Lake Michigan which is a beast of a lake, with bigger roller waves, seems like an ocean sometimes, unless it were in a Legend.
I've done it with other friends boats that beat us and the boat up pretty bad. The finish is better than any boat I've seen after a year of researching and looking at boats, bar none!
Livewells are humongous, 5 five pounders on 1 side, no problem, with the other side for a co-angler.
I've seen sites where some feel the Legend is a lead sled, not true. I average 69, and 70 quite a bit, sometimes 71 with half a tank of gas, livewells full, tournament load and 2 guys and tackle with a 200 Pro XS running a 24 Fury prop.
Marty - MI                     2013 Legend Alpha 191 w/200 Merc Pro XS                               
Finish is great, rides great, runs fast. Dry and smooth in rough water, plenty of storage. I have not found anything I don't like about this boat. I came out of a Skeeter and the Legend is amazing. Best boat I have ever fished out of. Rides like an old Champion.
Cypress Legend - TX     2009 Legend Alpha 211 DC w/250 Yamaha HPDI                       
Likes: The finish on this boat is amazing, the ride is outstanding, storage is good, livewells huge, back storage for batteries, gas tank, other great. Decks huge. You have to see one to understand. 
Dislikes: Mounting a large ram mount is difficult on a 199.
Pattece - OK           2007 Legend Alpha 199 w/225 Merc Optimax                                       

At first glance I got the impression of a cross between a Champion and a HydraSport.
I spent a good hour looking the boat over from bow to stern and must say this is an extremely well engineered and manufactured boat.  The quality of workmanship along with the fit and finish makes this one of the top boats on the market today.
On the water the boat handled excellent even though the water had only a moderate chop of 8 to 10 inches. I ran the rig through a slalom course that's used for skiing, so I only used every other buoy.  At 50 to 60 mph the handling was smooth with little input on the steering wheel.
Hole shots (0-30 mph) were easily in the 5 to 6 second rane, I wasn't sure if this was due to the hull design or that big Yammie on the back.
Top end was in the upper 80s as per GPS, but I would like to check it with a radar gun.
Catt - TX                 2005 Legend LE21 CDX w/3.3L 300 Yamaha HPDI                             1/23/05