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HYDRASPORTS  Likes & Dislikes

I just purchased this boat from a friend that bought it new in 1990, the motor has 253 hours on it. It is a dual console that I really like, going to get another windshield from Parts Mom for the passenger side. I really like this boat and I plan on it being a part of my life for a very long time.
Big time likes! I do not have any dislike at all!
Tennesseejugger - TN     1989 HydraSports VS150 w/150 Evinrude XP                             
Likes: I love this boat! Everything you could want in a bassboat. Handles like a dream, the Best bass boat in rough water I've ever been in. I fish Erie a lot (and have been in big Tritons and Rangers) and I'm still surprised how good the 196 is every time I go out there. Incredibly solid, no cracks, loose bolts, etc. Tons of storage and room to move around (single console), great livewell system, easy to maneuver into shallow tight spots, overall one of the smartest purchases I've ever made (got it in 1999).
Oh, I forgot one thing.....crazy fast 76 mph (on a radar gun). Not too many bassboats without a 250 can touch this boat (did I mention how good that feels!)
Dislikes: I dislike the fact that they don't build these boats anymore!
196 - ON                    1998 HydraSports 196 w/200 Johnson Venom                                  
I absolutely love my HydraSports. Since I took my old 225 Evinrude off and replaced it with the Yamaha the boat seems to handle much better and the noise level is much more tolerable lol.
TnyTnk2006 - NY          1996 HydraSports 2300 CC wide body w/225 Yamaha                
Likes: Extremely laid out well for an older boat.  Handles rough water well. When you sit in it, it feels like a 20' rig and it's only 18'.  Great windshield. Easy to tow. Easy to fish. The Cadillac of its day. I wish they still made them.
Dislikes: Front livewell should have been storage and had a larger lid.  Extremely long trailer tongue is great for towing, but horrible for storage.  May turn it into a swing away tongue in the near future.
Buckeye-basser - OH        1987 HydraSports DV 175 w/Suzuki 150 Super Six                  
Dislike: Uncontrollable porpoising/trim tabs/Doel fin/3 and 4 blade props/raise and lower motor, moved weight around, returned to dealer twice, had a factory driver drive it, said it was fine, just do not use any trim. Why does this boat act like this?
Sped54 - NY     01 HydraSports 20 LTS w/150 Ficht                                                            
My 1989 HydraSports DV-TS is 18 ft, it has everything on it that I need in a bass boat, timed dual livewells, two 25 gal gas tanks, indash flasher, water pressure gauge, trim/tach/speedo, I can't think of a dislike at all. I bought the boat used and now that it's Mine, I plan on keeping her for a long, long time. I may try to get it refinished at some point and throw a 175 hp motor on the back too.  But she gets me from hole to hole.  I would like to get some HydraSport decals and new DV-TS letters, but cannot find where I can get them from. 
If you know, please e-mail me.
Tom - TN        89 HydraSports DV-TS w/150 Johnson GT                                                   
Likes: I love the boat, it handles well to be a 17.5 footer and the Lightning Edition has lots of bells and whistles. It is fast 68 @ 5500 wot (speedo). It's also small enough that it fits in my garage, and tows easily behind my V6 powered Ford Ranger.  The cooler will keep ice in it most of the day other than in the summer and even then it stays a while.  The front casting deck is spacious and has a tall windshield that is really nice to have on cold mornings.  Runs like a sewing machine.
Dislikes: Very few, front storage could have been laid out a little better.  The drain plug is very hard to take out, other than that I love it.  HydraSports screwed up when they quit building bassboats!  If you're lookin' at one this model, get it, you won't be disappointed.
Hydrasports175 - AL       95 HydraSports LS175 w/ 95 150 Johnson Fast Strike               
Likes: I really like the boat. Rides very nicely, pretty fast for its size in relation to the HP.
Storage is pretty good and the built in cooler actually keeps ice for more than 30 minutes in the summer. I can have all my gear stowed and I have a lot of 'stuff'. Dash is very functional but not cluttered.
Dislikes: None really, I do wish it had some type of underseat storage for keys, wallet, that kind of thing.  Only has one rod locker, but it does a fine job of holding 9 or 10 rods.
Great boat, I love it.
Cacarlyle - IN           97 HydraSports 205E w/175 Johnson FastStrike                             
This boat runs very well.  Handles like a dream... Trailers great.  My full size truck does not even know it's there till you have to stop.  The boat is fast, but find the hull to be a little thin when compared to the Rangers or Skeeters.  Also find some of the storage areas to be small.
The forward compartment could be larger.  In fact the space inside is very large but the door size limits what you can put inside.
The boat fishes great for two people.  You are able to get into shallow places with any boat its size and can even leave a lot of smaller boats high and dry.
The boat can travel in about 1.5 feet of water with the motor up...  This boat will run with most 150 hp units and a few 175's with only a 115 hp....  Scares my wife to death... LOL
John - AL                     96 HydraSports Z260 w/115 Evinrude Intruder                             

Likes: HydraSports screwed up when they quit making bass boats. I have fished in quite a few bass boats and my little HydraSports is a 10.  It's fast and handles like a dream, and the speedo lies big time.  My tourney partner and I feel like we have the room of a bigger boat.
It gets me into places that make the 2 man bass boats and tubers wonder.  I have not EVER gotten wet from the back wash.  The dual console is very usable.  The windshields are sharp looking, and actually live up to their name; I can smoke a cig. at WOT and never lose an ash.
The seats are low and comfortable. 
Dislikes: Rod boxes are a little short.  Could have left out the forward live well and added an ice chest in its place.
Okyworm - OK             89 HydraSports - 17'6" Dual Console w/150 GT Johnson             8/10/01