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  Updated 3/29/22


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87 Glasstream 17V
87 115 Merc
Humminbird 999, Humminbird 737, MG Brute 756.  Christopher - AL
91 Glasstream 142
91 40 Johnson
Humminbird 718, Motorguide 55#. 35 mph gps.  Brandon - FL
84 Glasstream
84 100 Chrysler
HB Helix7 DI Gen2, MK All Terrain. 37 mph. "Project boat, fixed the front deck, next is stringers and floor."  Zatara - NC
86 Glasstream 1550
     Pro Bass
88 50 Yamaha
Humminbird/Lowrance electronics. "Just bought (7/15) and am really impressed with the way it ran this weekend. The Yamaha runs like a champ and the previous owner did a great job of renovating the entire interior. The outside shows some signs of its age but is sound."  Jason B - MO
88 Glasstream 17V
88 150 Merc
23 Quicksilver, 6" manual jackplate, Lowrance 4X HDI, Motorguide 70#. Propshaft is 3" below the pad. 51 mph @ 5200 rpm gps.  Drew - AL
87 Glasstream
   1550 Pro Bass
87 75 Suzuki
17 SS prop, Humminbird 383, 363, MinnKota Edge. Propshaft is 3.25" below pad. 52 mph @ 5400 rpm gps.  The Fisher - NC
87 Glasstream 140
87 40 Johnson
Eagle electronics, Dance Signature TM. "Great little boat that planes out right!"  Rusty - GA
87 Glasstream
     Hydro Bass
87 150 Yamaha
"Restoring a great boat! Anyone know where to get original equipment for a great deal?"  KSWear - NC
85 Glasstream
   1550 Pro Bass
85 40 Yamaha
Yamaha prop, Motorguide 40#. 38-42 mph (approx). "Does anyone have any info on rejetting the 40 to a higher level? This is my first Yamaha, I've done lots of OMC's."  Papa - MI
93 Glasstream
    2150 Pro
93 200 Yamaha
24 SS prop, manual jackplate, Humminbird 525, Motorguide 109#. "Have had it 18 years, love it so much I just bought another one with dual consoles. Best riding, most comfortable fishing boat I've ever been in."  Outlaw - FL
82 Glasstream 15'
74 115 Merc
17 prop, MinnKota Mag 15.  Kevin - KS
85 Glasstream 1770
85 115 Merc
Raker prop, jackplate, Eagle Cuda GPS, Motorguide Great White 92# TM. 63 mph @ 5800 rpm (gps). "This is an awesome boat, fast and handles great. The engine is a straight 6 tower of power 4 carbs, bored out to about 145 hp."  M Panek - FL
86 Glasstream 1550
86 55 Suzuki
15 prop, Humminbird 798ci SI HD, MinnKota Maxxum 65#. 37 mph (gps). "I would like to see it with a 75, it's small but good setup."  Clouse02 - MS
85 Glasstream
     Boss 180 TE
"Project boat, no motor, battery or fuel cell. Trying to get a picture of a nice one to go off of to see what this had. Electrical rats nets but will manage. Any help would be greatly appreciated."  Jack W - NC
85 Glasstream 1550
     Pro Bass
76 70 Evinrude
16 Evinrude prop, MinnKota 55#. Propshaft is 3.5" below the pad. 36.7 mph @ 5500 rpm (gps). "Really love the boat, just looking to put a 18 or 21 prop on it."  Turnerlittle - AL
87 Glasstream 14
09 50 Merc
MinnKota 50# TM.  PhishFat - MD
87 Glasstream 15
87 90 Johnson
19 OMC prop, Eagle Fish Easy 320C, Motorguide TM. "Still restoring. Had one of these a few years back and never should have sold it! Great hull design. Got 39 mph with a 60 on my last one and great on gas too! Capacity plate gone. Need to order one from state. Could anyone with a 15 Hydrabass of same vintage please email me a photo of their capacity plate? I want to make sure they issue plate with original motor capacity of 115 HP. Thanks!"  BTBowhunter - PA
83 Glasstream 17V
93 115 Mariner
21 SS prop, Motorguide EF 54#. 55 mph @ 5000 rpm (speedo). "Love this boat."  Rugerman - OK
89 Glasstream 1550
89 50 Yamaha
13" Yamaha SS, Humminbird 565, Eagle 140, Motorguide Pro 40#. 42 mph @ 5500 rpm (speedo). "Nice clean, well taken care of boat."  Fnznglz - TN
88 Glasstream 17V Raker prop, 6" Power Lift, Humminbird/Eagle electronics.  Big Ron - GA
     HydroBass Propshaft is 6" below the pad.   
83 150 Evinrude    
83 Glasstream 15V 17" SS prop. 45 mph (gps).  Anthony - TN
     Hydra Bass    
85 90 Merc    
87 Glasstream 1550 17" stainless prop, 525 Humminbird, MinnKota TM.  Dave N - FL
     Pro Bass "Second time owning the boat, bought it from my  
87 65 Suzuki neighbor the first time, had a buddy who had to have it,  
  so I sold it. Got it back after a year and a half, made  
  necessary repairs. Made a windshield out of plexiglass  
  (use 1 x 4's on each side with a heat gun, pull gently while  
  moving gun up and down area).  
  34 mph @ 5200 rpm (speedo)   
87 Glasstream Manual jackplate, Eagle electronics, Johnson TM.  Dixiedog - TN
     Pro 1550 "Really like the boat, would like to put a windshield on it,  
87 40 Evinrude any ideas?"  
84 Glasstream 1550 13" prop, Humminbird Piranha 1, Motorguide III 2600.  D4000 - VA
     Pro Bass "Just bought the boat at a great price. Trying to find out  
85 50 Johnson weight limit and HP limits and number of passengers   
  allowed. Galvanized Load Rite trailer came with the boat.  
  Would like to share information with anyone who might  
  know anything about this boat."  
85 Glasstream 15V 21" prop, Motorguide TM. 47 mph @ 6300 rpm (speedo).  Ricky B - AL
85 115 Merc "Just completely refurbished, have had several offers to   
  sell, real eye catcher, not for sale."  
88 Glasstream Humminbird LCR3004, Motorguide TM.  Oldsailor - AL
     Bass Pro 1550 "Other than the LCR3004, all equipment is as installed when  PHOTO   PHOTO
88 40 Mariner ELTO purchased. Boat has been maintained in pristine condition,  PHOTO   PHOTO
  hoisted out of the water in a closed boathouse when not  
  being used. Everything works, and I picked it up through  
  an estate sale...even included the original Basstream  
88 Glasstream 15V 5.5" Hydrodynamics jackplate, Humminbird electronics,  Toplesshorse - GA
75 85 Johnson MinnKota TM. Propshaft is 3" below the pad.  
  "Modified engine to 115+."  
88 Glasstream 17V 28" Laser, hydraulic jackplate, Lowrance 525,   Chris L - FL
     Hydra Bass Motorguide 75# Wireless. 73 mph @ 5000 rpm (gps).   
89 175 Merc Racing    
83 Glasstream "My boat had no ID plate, I thought it was a pro bass  Gijoeman0075 - TX
     HydraBass 150 1550. There is not much info out there on the old  
83 70 Merc Glasstreams, but after checking out other photos I believe  
  it to be a HydraBass 150. Does anyone know what motor  
  this boat was rated for?"  
89 Glasstream Humminbird 220 Max, 565, MinnKota TM.  TomA - FL
     Aggressor 45 mph (speedo). "Speed is from former owner, I'm having  
87 75 Suzuki carbs rebuilt. I'll update soon w/gps-speedo prop..."  
85 Glasstream 23" Yamaha, 6" hydraulic, MinnKota 101# 36V.  Joey H - GA
     HydraBass 150 "Just purchased and rigging now. The boat is 15' exactly."  
07 115 Yamaha    
86 Glasstream Humminbird electronics, MinnKota TM. Motor is 2" off  John M - RI
     Stinger 14' the transom.  
86 45 Merc Classic    
87 Glasstream 160V Lowrance 334C, Motorguide TM. "This is my first bass  Alper P - NC
87 85 Force boat and I can't wait to fish on it. I have been waiting for  
  some work to be finished up, I added a Lowrance 334C  
  and a hot foot. I just hope the livewells are going to be  
  alright for fishing club tournaments."  
89 Glasstream "Would like to talk to others about these boats and how  Fishman - KY
    Bass Pro 1550 fast will mine go with the setup I have?"  
72 70 Chrysler    
87 Glasstream 160V Humminbird WideOptic, Motorguide TM. 45 mph (speedo)  Donnie - NC
87 90 Yamaha "Great little boat. Livewell is a little small. This is my first  
  boat, not bad for $1900. Anyone know where to find stuff  
  about Glasstream?"  
85 Glasstream Johnson prop, Eagle Cuda 242, Motorguide BD1230.  Mike T - GA
     Stinger 140 38 mph (speedo). "I'm in the middle of a mild restoration.  
83 50 Johnson Sanding entire topside and replaced all carpet, will repaint  
  outboard Black and boat is getting 3 coates of Pettit  
  Easypoxy with no sand primer. So far I keep finding more  
  repairs so process is slow. Preparation for primer is going  
  to be KEY to the outcome. The boat with motor was   
  purchased for $800!! I I figure I can spend a little to make  
  her nice again. I think I'm going to run into trouble with the  
  rub rail replacement but I will keep you all informed."  
90 Glasstream 17 Pro 24" Ballistic, 6" jackplate, Humminbird 525, MinnKota TM.  Scott - ON
90 140 Johnson Motor is 2" above the transom.  45 mph (gps).  
  "Really nice boat to fish, needs some setup, not real fast.  
  Any info would be nice, very stable boat."  
83 Glasstream 14" Merc prop, Eagle Fishmark 320, Humminbird 4ID,  GIJoeman - TX
83 70 Merc Motorguide 2600. "Just bought the boat, so far I love it.   
  Missing the ID plate, so not sure of the model. I think it's   
  a 1550 Pro Bass."  
84 Glasstream 176 26" Tempest, 6" Rite Hite. Propshaft is 1/2" below pad.  WesW - SC
80 200 Merc 72 mph @ 6300 rpm (gps). "Great boat. Doing some  
  additional motor work and setup work."  
86 Glasstream 17V Motorguide TM. 72 mph (speedo). "Great boat! This boat  Rob - LA
84 140 Johnson is well made. This thing is so fast and stable. Say what you  
  want, but Glasstream's are great boats."  
83 Glasstream/ CMC jackplate, electronics and TM not mounted yet.  WayneW - FL
Starline 1550 ProBass "Found her rotting away in a backyard in Lake County, Fl.  
83 75 Evinrude Need any info or data to restore. Just finished removing  
  latex house paint from decks."  
86 Glasstream 13'9" Humminbird Piranha 1, Garmin GPS72, MinnKota TM.  Brian B - FL
86 50 Yamaha "I just bought the boat. This is my first Glasstream and I do  PHOTO    (Before)
  not know a lot about the brand. Got the boat, trailer and   PHOTO    (After)
  both motors cheap, currently having the 50 Yamaha redone  
  before I take it on the water, but I believe this is going to   
  be a great ride, considering the size/weight ratio to the 50.  
  Anyone with info on these boats let me know what you can.  
  Pretty boat with great stuff on it. The kid I bought it from   
  really fixed it up but spent nothing on the motor. When the  
  motor is fixed I will have a brand new boat for about  
  $2300. Not bad in my book. Thanks, Brian."  
   Updated 7/7/05..... "Sweet ride now that it is done. Yamaha totally rebuilt."  
94 Glasstream 17'6" 27" Shooter, 6" jackplate, Garmin GPS.  Chris - GA
95 150 Evinrude Propshaft is even with pad. 62 mph @ 6000 rpm (gps).  
  "I'm having problems with chinewalking. I run my jackplate  
  all the way up and down, with the 27" Shooter I can turn  
  it 6000 rpms but only 62 mph even with the pad. Can turn  
  a 25 Turbo well over 6000 at 65 mph at 3" below the pad.  
  Changed the tach; same readings. Just got a 28 Raker to   
  put on there, plan to try it this weekend to see what I can  
  do with it.  I have a 2:1 foot so any help would be   
89 Glasstream Merc prop, Humminbird electronics. 45 mph (speedo).  Tom Palmer - AL
    Pro Bass "Great fishing boat, have been using one like this since 1988  
89 50 Merc it got stolen last year and bought another one."  
89 Glasstream 17V 27" Raker, 6" jackplate. 71.7 mph @ 5600 rpm (gps).  KTSOutdoors - AL
01 200 Johnson    
89 Glasstream  12" prop, Motorguide TM. 35 mph @ 5400 rpm (gps).  Iron Eyez7 - TN
     Bass Pro 1550 "Good solid running boat. Wanna go with a larger engine!  PHOTO
89 40 Mariner Mag Rated for 75 hp."  
87 Glasstream Evinrude prop, Eagle Strata 128, MinnKota Power Drive.  MrCrappie - NC
     Agressor Motor is 3" above the transom. 38 mph @ 5100 rpm.  
89 48 Evinrude (speedo). "Just recently purchased this boat and fell in love  
  with it....can't wait until the upcoming spring."  
88 Glasstream 17.6 Humminbird electronics, MinnKota 55# TM.  John - FL
88 88 Evinrude "Stripped and rebuilt boat and trailer from top to bottom."  
93 Glasstream 2150 26" Trophy, 12" jackplate, Yamaha gauges.  Terry - AL
93 200 Yamaha Big Beast TM. "This is my first big bass boat and I have   
  no complaints."  
89 Glasstream 17V 22" Raker, 6" jackplate, Lowrance electronics,   Stewburn - TN
89 150GT Johnson Motorguide TM.  
86 Glasstream 19" prop. "I absolutely love my boat. Excellent choice for   Seansills - GA
   Pro Bass 1550 being a beginner to bass boats. Would like to talk with  
88 70 Johnson other Glasstream boats."  
84 Glasstream 1550 "This boat was setup to handle electric motor lakes.  Basscatcher - PA
90 7.9 Mercury/Ezgo It is a super stable fishing platform with a one of a kind  
  electric outboard.  The outboard is a Mercury lower unit  
  with a Ezgo electric golf cart motor mounted just like the   
  gas motor was.  It has 4 speed settings and it hooks right  
  to my steering cables. Max speed is around 8-10 mph but   
  that is about 3-4 times as fast as several trolling motors  
  combined.  Bow mount motor is a MinnKota All Terrain 40  
  Humminbird electronics, rod locker, livewells, everything  
  you need to fish tournaments on electric motor only lakes."  
87 Glasstream 24,26,28" Choppers (worked), Lowrance electronics.  Tomoad - NC
     176 Pro Angler Mercury TM. Propshaft is even with pad. "Also have Bob's  
88 200 Merc low water pick up, velocity stacks. Got the motor this   
  winter, haven't got to run it hard yet; but should do 85 mph"  
93 Glasstream 22" HighFive prop, Eagle electronics, Motorguide TM.  Jack - GA
     1850 Pro 78 mph @ 7300 rpm (gps). "Awesome Bass Boat.   PHOTO
93 175 Mariner Hard to find another like it. 150 Mariner with 200 hp   
  heads, carbs and exhaust.  Boat is super fast, only 6" stay  
  in the water when trimmed up. I love it.  Please send me  
  some pics of your Glasstream bass boats, I would like to   
  see more!!"  
86 Glasstream  23" Shooter, Bob's Machine Shop hydraulic,   John - SC
      180 Boss Humminbird 4000, Humminbird Piranha,   
89 150 Johnson GT Motorguide FW71. Propshaft is 4" below the pad.  
  62 mph (speedo).  
88 Glasstream Bass Raker prop, 6" jackplate, Humminbird 3D Wide,   Ed - IN
88 200 Evinrude XP Humminbird 160 Extreme, Maxxum 65# TM.  
  65 mph (speedo). "19'10", Black with Silver. Will start  
  restoring this winter."  
92 Glasstream 230CC 21" Mercruiser.  56 mph @ 4400 rpm.  RWShearer - OK
92 350 Mercruiser    
88 Glasstream 17'6" Eagle Strata 128, MinnKota 40# All Terrain.  Herbertrhudy - GA
88 150 Merc 58 mph @ 6100 rpm. "Working on replacing prop and   
  lower unit (hit a rock pile last Oct.) WOT/rpm was last  
  year with old unit and prop.  
86 Glasstream 1550 19" Michigan, Humminbird Super 60, MotorGuide TM.  Todd - TN
76 85 hp Johnson Motor is 2" off transom.  42-43 mph @ 5200 rpm (speedo)  
     Javelin "Good stable ride for a boat of this size.  Boat is actually  
  only rated to 75 hp, but the 85 is not dangerous.  
  I wouldn't want to put any more on it though.  Previous  
  motor was a 70 Chrysler...pushed it about 36 trimmed  
  out at WOT.  Biggest difference with the 85 is the   
87 Glasstream 19" Quicksilver prop, Humminbird electronics,   BKelly - AR
     1550 ProBass Minnkota 50# Power drive TM.  Propshaft is 2" below  
     75 Mercury the pad.  "My first glass boat.  The outboard is blown,   
  I plan on repowering with a 2003 75 hp Mercury and a   
  22" Laser II prop.  The fishes good for a small boat.  
  Boat is in fair shape, the gelcoat needs some work.  
  Plan on installing a 6" jackplate.  Can't wait for the new  
  outboard, the boat looks like it will perform good.   
  700 lb hull."  
96 Glasstream 15V Hydraulic jackplate, Garmin GPS, Minnkota AllTerrain TM.  Blake - FL
     115 Suzuki 68 mph.  "Really Nice Boat, Smooth Ride, Fishes Great!"  

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