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A Gatormount Secret

It appears that perhaps everyone doesn't know the little secret about the hidden "stuff" at the front of your MotorGuide Gatormount trolling motor mount.
If you're not aware of it, have a look at the front of the Gatormount and on the flat surface about an inch or so from the front edge you'll see a prop wrench that fits down into the mount itself.

It's sort of spring-loaded; push towards the back of the mount and lift the front edge. You'll find that you have a trolling motor prop wrench and if you lift off the plastic end you'll find that you have 2 spare prop shear pins.  Underneath where the prop wrench fits, you'll find a recessed circle in which is a spare prop "nut". (It sits in the hole upside down.)

I found this by accident a couple of years ago and it occurred to me that perhaps I'm not the only one that didn't know about it.

Take care,  Al Shields

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Photos courtesy of  Darryl - IL