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GAMBLER Likes & Dislikes

The looks and the performance of this boat are awesome. Everywhere you go people want to look and talk about it. It is like driving a sportscar. It doesn't come up as fast a I like but when you are up it goes. You have to learn to drive it and don't over trim but it is so stable with no chinewalk at high speeds. It takes big water good but maybe not quite as good as Ranger or Champion, although the performance more than makes up for it. I would buy another one if this one every wore out. I bought it used 8 years ago and made improvements in appearance and running and it looks like new. I love this Gambler.
Del G - AR            1994 Gambler Intimidator 209 w/Mariner Mag EFI                
Likes: Rides like a Caddy, but looks like a Corvette. Fit and finish are perfect, interior is very comfortable. Storage and front deck size is awesome.
Dislikes: The rod storage could be improved. They need to make them deeper. They should get rid of the Quick Draw rod lockers amd make 2 big standard rod lockers. I would also like to see them redesign the cockpit to accommodate electronics at eye level.       
Fat Basser - IL        2009 Gambler 2200 w/250 Merc Pro XS                                
Likes: It is a very fast boat and it rides well. Looks awesome and it definitely turns heads.
It holds up well for being an older boat. Motor is a straight up beast and will flat out run.
Dislikes: Motorguide trolling motor is crappy. I had to put trim extenders on the motor to get it to lift. Also the livewell pumps go out quite often and the livewell is tiny. It does not ride as good as a Ranger or some of the others. But overall it is a great boat and will for sure buy another.
Big Bass Boy - FL      1995 Gambler 209TE w/225 Merc ProMax                         
Likes: The looks speak for themself. I saw one on the Ol Miss one day that fall I ordered one.
Runs better than my two past Rangers which ran nice but not like a Gambler. I've run in 9' waves on Lake Michigan (not by choice) and was impressed. You have to learn how to drive one but it's worth the learning curve. Contrary to some comments, I have found their customer support to be fantastic. I'm a Gambler Guy for life.
Dislikes: I don't like the rocker latches. I wish they would move the GPS/Sonar unit up to the top of the dash. (Re-design the dash to accept it).  And stop selling so many of them, I like being unique.
Lucky Ron - IL       2006 Gambler 2200 w/225 Merc Optimax                                 
Likes: This boat is the nicest and fastest boat I have owned so far. The fit and finish on this boat are incredible. I have had Rangers and Champions before but they don't compare to the finished product. The ride is stable and well controlled even at high speeds. The ride of Champions was a bit better but this is definitely better than my 2 Rangers. I bought the boat used a couple of years ao and it looked like it was only a few years old. The finish was flawless and the seats were perfect.  Still are too. Front deck is like an aircraft carrier and have had no complaints about the back deck. When you drive and sit in this boat you feel like you're in a high performance sports car. The 225 Pro Max came with a Brucato air intake so it will really fly.
You definitely have to learn how to drive this boat. This is my first non assembly line boat I have owned and you can tell a difference.
Stu924 - TX        1996 Gambler 209TE w/225 Merc ProMax                                    
This is my first boat, I had to have a Gambler. I love the sleek sexy look of the boat BUT this will be my last Gambler because their Public Relations suck!  I know I have an older boat; I have spent a lot of time and money invested and need some help with getting some things to make it almost like new but they (Gambler) act like they don't care because it's not a new boat so my next boat will not be a Gambler.  I am a Tennessee boy so I will go with the good old Bullet.  This boat I have now will be for sale come Spring. 
Ponytail777 - TN       1989 Gambler GT183/ Johnson GT150                                       
I love the handling of this boat and the speed.  I was a little disappointed in some of the craftmanship, mainly the screws to fasten the cockpit seats was dangerously close to the gas tank after it expanded in the heat of summer. I had to have the screws cut to make certain that they would not puncture the gas tank.  This was something that should have never been an issue during design.
I also did not like the dual console since it made for very awkward conditions when fishing tournaments and trying to get around.  The Motorguide trolling motor was also the biggest piece of garbage I have ever owned.  
On the positive side, this boat was great in big water and was a pleasure to drive.  I recently sold the boat and bought a smaller Ranger that fits in my garage.
Jeff - VA             2001 Gambler 2100/ Evinrude 225 RudeRam                                       
This Boat will definitely draw a crowd.  Love the cockpit, and finish.  Not at all like the Production boats.  You can't help but want to GO sitting behind the wheel of this thing.  Only drawback is the finicky handling with the heavy 300 back there at high speed......I can learn and live with it.  Love it.
txscoots - TX       2000 Gambler 2200 w/300 ProMax                                                          
Just got this boat..And I love it!!  I've wanted a Gambler since the first time I saw one.  In my opinion there's nothin to dislike.  This boat feels like you're in a top fuel dragster.  And there's no problem finding it when you come out of a gas station or restaurant....just look for the crowd with their tongues hanging out...like I've always heard, "ONCE A GAMBLER OWNER, ALWAYS A GAMBLER OWNER"
Dislikes:  None...except I wish I would have bought one sooner.
Bob - AR
              2000 Gambler Intimidator 2000
What's not to like? This is by far the best boat I've ever owned.  I guess my only dislike is that my wife won't let me get a bigger, faster one.  Oh well, 79 mph out of a stock 200 ain't that bad.  But of course, it is hanging off the back of a Gambler!
Otter - AR            2000 Gambler Intimidator 1900 w/ 200 Merc EFI                      
I love the way this boat is set up.  It is a great fishing platform with lots of room and storage.  The seating is nice and comfortable, with lots of leg room and you feel secure skimming across the water at top speed.  70 mph is a nice option when needed.  The only thing that I do not like is that it is not a real good rough water boat.  It gets a little bouncy and you have to come off of the pad and drive the thing.  Overall, I'll take a look at another one when I go to buy new.
Gambling - VA     1993 Gambler 206 w/200 Merc                                                                
I love the boat, handling, ride and speed are awesome.  One of the best fishing platforms I have ever fished from.  Also the grin factor of having folks scramble to look it over is kind of cool too.
Ben H - TN           2001 Gambler 2100  w/250XB Merc                                                       

Likes: Speed, handling, fishability, very comfortable seating and console layout, LOVE the overall looks.  Can't take this thing anywhere without people flocking around it.
Dislikes: Have not found a good use for the little compartments over the livewells?  Boat is still new to me (1 month) still get enough backwash that I cannot keep them dry.  The major dislike is the ignorance of people who think they know all my boat's shortcomings but have never ever been in one.  They actually think their production boat (Triton, Stratos, etc., ) is in the same class!!  I think not!! LOVE THIS BOAT.
Rickbass - CT        2000 Gambler Intimidator 2000  w/225 Merc EFI                                   10/7