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  Updated 9/15/07

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02 Gambler Intimidator 27" Trophy, Bob's hydraulic (6"  + 2" spacer), Lowrance  PA Paul - PA
     225 Merc LMS 240, Lowrance X71, Motorguide TourEdition 82#.  
  83 mph @ 5800 rpm (gps). "LOVE this boat. Totally  
  AWESOME. Black, gold and red.  It's true once you're in a   
  Gambler, "Life will never be the same!".  I can't tell you how   
  many stares, comments, and questions I've had.  Something  
  about a Gambler that draws attention.  Even on the trailer. I   
  feel like a Ferrari in a world of Oldsmobiles.  Gambler  
  owners know what I'm talking about.  You want to REALLY  
  know the feeling, buy a Gambler.  Its more than just speed,   
  it's looks, fishability, ride, etc.  The most complete  
  package on the market.  Love it."  
91 Gambler 25" Tempest, Zercom flasher, MotorGuide TM.  Shawn - AL
     Intimidator "Wanting to update to new cowling, need some info on where  
     280 Merc to get cheap and how it looks on a 1996 motor.  Will it   
  look like a factory motor? Thanks...Shawn."  
89 Gambler 206TE 27" Shooter 4 blade, 6" Gambler jackplate, Humminbird  RCupp - TN
     200 Johnson Paramount, Humminbird Portrait, Johnson 12/24 TM.  
00 Gambler Intimidator 28" Trophy Plus, Bob's hydraulic (8" + 2" spacer),   Bruce - OK
     225 Merc Lowrance X85, Lowrance LCX15mt, MotorGuide 80# TM.  
01 Gambler Intimidator 27" Powertech, Bob's Machine hydraulic.  Craig - FL
     225 Merc MotorGuide TM.  
95 Gambler 209 25" Tempest Plus, Gambler jackplate.   S Atwater - VA
     200 Mariner 77 mph (radar).   
01 Gambler Outlaw 25" Trophy, 6" Bob's hydraulic.   Josh - FL
     200 Merc 79 mph @ 5900 rpm (gps). "We had an old 150 on the boat  
  earlier but then it blew, it was time for it to go though.  
  Now we have a new Merc 200 on it and the boat runs really  
  good, seeing 78-79 on the gps about 81-82 on the speedo.  
  I love everything about this boat, the way it fishes, the way it   
  rides.  I don't know how anyone that rides and fishes in a   
  Gambler could buy anything else.   
  Once a Gambler owner, always a Gambler owner."  
99 Gambler 209 25" Trophy, 12" Gambler jackplate, Pinpoint 7520 (2),   Shellman 98 - CA
     225 Merc EFI MotorGuide 82# TM. Propshaft is 3/4" below the pad.   
  "Took a little seat time to keep it under control above 5000  
  rpms, but now it feels safe but I don't drive all that fast  
  anyway.  About once a trip I'll open her up, I don't know   
  what it will run, never had no gps but she'll lay your ears back.  
  I just wish I could go more often I do love the boat."  
97 Gambler 209 TE 12" Detwiler hydraulic, Eagle Ultima III, Lowrance X75,   Mike - FL
     225 Merc ProMax 1240A flasher.  MotorGuide 767 Tour Edition.   PHOTO
  80+ mph @ 6600 rpm (gps). "Auto-Dial for jackplate,   
  DualPro charger, 2 sets of seats and hydraulic pedestals.   
  Boat is Green, Gold and Silver. Swing trailer, boat is in mint  
  condition garage kept.  It took me at least a month to learn  
  how to drive it. First Gambler I have owned and think it is   
  AWESOME!  Have trim on floor and steering wheel, single  
  console, more options not listed."  
95 Gambler 209 25" Trophy, 11" Bob's hydraulic, Lowrance X47,   Hawghunter - LA
     225 Merc ProMax Lowrance Global Map 300 MT. Motorguide 104#.  
  Propshaft is 2" below the pad.  82 mph @ 6700 rpm.  
     Updated 6/7/03.... "I've had nothing but problems with my motor and boat. To  
  start I have replaced my propshaft, powerhead and  
  powerpack. I've put $4700 into just the boat which includes  
  new rub rail, 4 aluminum runners bolted to the stringers of   
  the boat for added support. Not by choice.  
  Ya'll have fun on the water....Ya hear!"  
00 Gambler 2100 27" Powertech, Bob's hydraulic jackplate, MotorGuide TM.  A.J. & William
     225 Merc 80 mph.  "My boat was running horrible when I first got it,   PHOTO
  but thanks to Knecht Marine they fixed it and now it runs  PHOTO
  great.  My son and I love the boat and I recommend you   PHOTO
  buy a Gambler bass boat."  
   * Photo #3 shows my son A.J. running the boat he got for  
98 Gambler 2100 24" Trophy, 12" Gambler jackplate, Lowrance X85 (2),   Gambler 1 - KY
     225 Mariner OMC TM.  "I'm wanting to know what's the best prop out   
  there for a 2100 series with a 225 Mariner. I'm wanting   
  good handling and lots more speed. Right now with my 24"   
  prop I'm redlining.  Any info would be greatful. Thanks.....  
97 Gambler 209 TE Hydraulic jackplate, Eagle Super Pro, Humminbird Pro  Mike - OH
     225 Merc 1240A, MotorGuide 57# TM. "Green w/Gold Package -   PHOTO 
  sharp looking boat that really moves."  PHOTO 
  Updated 2/6/02.... "We bought this used in 2001 and haven't run it near enough,   PHOTO
  each time I take it out I learn something new and find another  PHOTO
  thing to appreciate about it.  Big deep storage lockers and   
  the rod savers on each side of the casting deck are very  
  handy.  We fished four out of it and it seemed like there was  
  plenty of room.  I'm amazed by how stable it is while fishing.  
  We've had it in some rough water and found we need to   
  learn a bit more about how to handle it. The real scramble  
  was building a boathouse for it before winter set in; took   
  away from my fishing time and budget!  We are looking  
  forward to having this boat in the family for quite a while.  
  Now I know why they say: "Once a Gambler owners,   
  always a Gambler owner." My son reminds me that we still  
  need to see what WOT is with this unit-something to work  
  on this year for sure. We took these photos and hope to   
  send in more, clearer pictures once we get back on the   
95 Gambler  Merc prop, 6" Gambler jackplate, Lowrance X65,   Juniorhlr - AL
     Intimidator "Boat is new to me, have not had a lot of time on the water  
     175 Merc XRi yet to tune in."  
01 Gambler  25" Tempest, Bob's hydraulic jackplate, Lowrance X65,   Sean - AL
     Intimidator Lowrance flasher, MotorGuide 67# TourEdition.   
     225 Merc ProMax 86 mph @ 6300 rpm (gps).  
96 Gambler 26" Trophy by the PropShop of Cedar Falls, IA, 6" CMC,   TeamCharger - IA
     Intimidator I Pinpoint 7520 & 7820, Lowrance 1240A & LDT3001,  
     200 Merc 200 EFT Minnkota 101# Maxxum. 83.4 mph @ 6100 rpm.  
  "Having been sponsered by Charger Boats and selling them  
  since '97, to praise any other it tough to do HOWEVER,   
  this is absolutely one of the finest built boats in the country.  
  It fishes great and "pure unadulterated speed". The only thing  
  I would want more of is storage but the 2100 and 2200's  
  have addressed that. I still run Charger but this boat is   
  definitely more fun.  I took nearly a month of driving before  
  I learned how to "Fly" it, but it's now second nature."  
00 Gambler  27" PowerTech, 8" Bob's hydraulic jackplate, Lowrance  G.Brandt - DE
     Intimidator X65 (2) and in-dash. MotorGuide 36V.  
     225 Merc "My motor is mounted in last hole, as high as it can get on   
  jackplate, so I start at 2" up, and after the tach hits 5500  
  I start bumping the hydraulic plate up until I hit 5900 on the   
  tach and then hit it down a tap.  This seems to level the nose  
  a little lower, keeping the air out from under the boat. The  
  speed is blistering, the ride is great, and a super looking  
  Red boat.  It can't get better than this!"  
01 Gambler 2100 28" Mazco, Hydraulic jackplate, Lowrance X75 (front),   Charlie - KY
     250 Merc X75 (drivers seat), Lowrance 1240A, MotorGuide TM.  
  "Finally got my Gambler and need help on how to setup this  
11/27 machine. I have only had it in the water one time and it was   
  a big change from my '97 209 Gambler. The trim tabs and   
  hydraulic jackplate are great but I seem to be having a hard  
  time finding the right spot to get the correct performance.  
  Any help would be great."  
95 Gambler Intimidator 6" jackplate.  68.9 mph @ 6000 rpm (gps).  Bassboatjoe - PA
     150 Merc XRi    
95 Gambler Intimidator 26" Trophy, 6" CMC, Lowrance X85, MotorGuide Beast,   Boogtp - NC
     200 Mariner "Still need to work on engine height...I believe the engine may  
  be too high....prior owner plugged top 4 water hole inlets.  
  I got a great deal and the boat doesn't have a scratch.  
  Also, former owner swears by Amsoil....anybody got an   
  opinion....that stuff is expensive."  
96 Gambler 209 GS 4 blade Predator, Gambler jackplate, Lowrance X75,   Marty - CT
     200 Merc EFI X70A 3D, 1240A in-dash flasher, MotorGuide Great White.  
89 Gambler 183 24" Chopper II, 6" jackplate. 70 mph @ 6400 rpm (gps).  Luis - IL
     150 Mariner  "I am running at 70 mph (gps) with a full tank and 2 guys.  
            Mag II Can someone tell me if this is good or not?  I am currently  
  running a Chopper II 24" at 6400 rpms. Motor has had  
  some work done on it. E-mail me with any comments."  
93 Gambler 24" PowerTech, 12" Paralift jackplate.  BaldEagle - LA
     Intimidator 78 mph @ 6500 rpm (gps).  
     225 Merc ProMax "Speed with tournament load. Love this boat."  
01 Gambler Outlaw 23" Trophy, 6" Bob's Machine hydraulic jackplate,   Wolfee01 - FL
     150 Merc MotorGuide 64# TM. 69 mph @ 6400 rpm (gps).  
  "This is our first Gambler and we want to know if it can get  
  any faster, so please e-mail if you think you can help me out."  
95 Gambler 26" Trophy, Gambler jackplate, Lowrance 70A,   Boog - NC
     Indimidator MotorGuide Beast TM. "Just bought the boat. Motor tricked  
     200 Mariner out with above water exhaust, Boyesen reeds, Amsoil  
  synthetic, jackplate to the top, water intake plugged in the  
  bottom 4 holes.  Trimmed out the whole boat will come out  
  of the water. I got a beast to tame...I love the boat..anybody  
  got any ideas?"  
96 Gambler 209TE 27" Renegade, 12" CMC hydraulic, Lowrance X85 (front),   Bassinbearg2 - CA
     200 Merc EFI Lowrance LMS-350A, MotorGuide 72#.  
  73 mph @ 5750 rpm (gps). "I love this boat, best boat I've  
  ever owned. Now I know what is meant by "once a Gambler  
  owner always a Gambler owner".  I'm still playing with the   
  setup, any setup tips would be helpful."  
01 Gambler 2100 26" Trophy, 10" Bob's Machine Shop hydraulic,   Brushpyle - IL
     10th Anniversary Pinpoint 2470's front & rear, MotorGuide 7107.  
      Dale Earnhardt Ed. "This is boat #3 of what I was told, 25, to be made of the   
      250 Merc ProXB Dale Earnhardt 10th Anniversary 2100's. It's a beauty! "  
96 Gambler 209 25" Trophy, CMC hydraulic jackplate, GlobalMap 2000,   Ricbob - from ?
     225 Merc ProMax Minnkota 60# Autopilot TM.  
01 Gambler  Hydraulic jackplate.  "Just breaking it in, runs great 75 mph  Anthony - NY
     Intimidator 2000 at 5000 rpms without trim tabs.  There is no way of obtaining  
     225 Merc a holeshot, does anyone know how this boat handles in   
  6 footers, we don't have too many up north."  
93 Gambler Intimidator 25" Trophy, 6" Gambler jackplate, Lowrance X75, LMS160,  TheReelDoctorx -KY
     225 Merc MotorGuide 767 TM.  67.9 mph @ 6400 mph (gps).  
            ProMax "Need some help on the set up; feel the need for more speed.  
  Prop was setup to run a DynaTrak 19'10" Fish & Ski.  
  The ProMax is carbed and has 2:1 gears and a G-Force  
  tuner.  Sure could use some advice."  
97 Gambler Intimidator 28" Trophy Plus, 12" Detwiler hydraulic jackplate,   Jeff "Dude" - LA
     200 Evinrude Lowrance Global Map 1600, OMC 58# TM.  
  Propshaft is 1" above the pad.  91.8 mph @ 6500 rpm (gps).  
  "My motor has been modified to 250 hp by Evolution Marine.  
  If any one hasn't tried the new Trophy Plus 28" you don't   
  know what you are missing.  It made a 5 mph increase over  
  my 27" OMC Renegade prop.  The responses that I get from   
  the Mercury owners are unbelievable. I also love fishing from    
  my boat too."  
00 Gambler Intimidator 26" Raker, 6" Bob's hydraulic jackplate, Lowrance X65, X45  Mark - OH
     225 Evinrude Evinrude 74# TM. "Just got this boat in February and don't   
  have it broke in yet.  The ice is just melting off the lakes up   
  here in Ohio.  Let you know what kind of speed it's running  
  when it's broke in."  
01 Gambler Intimidator 27" Powertech, 8" Bob's High Performance hydraulic,   Rod - VA
     225 Merc EFI Lowrance 1240A, X65, MotorGuide TourEdition 780 TM,   
  "Only 1 month old, about 4 hours on motor (still cold here),   
  the only thing to say about this boat is it's awesome.  The trim   
  tabs make getting on plane super quick and the ride, well I   
  already said it's awesome. The only thing this boat needs is a   
  position indicator gauge for the trim tabs.  When Gambler   
  comes out with one I hope they remember the owners who   
  now have the tabs (TAC) without the gauge and have a recall    
  so the dealers can install it.  Also the 225 Merc has a welded  
  torque tab and low water pick up.  It has the ZR2   
  performance package and the deluxe tandem trailer. More   
  info to come with more seat time."  
               Updated 11/6.......  "11 months old now and no problems (except for tach) had  
  it winterized today (Hunting Season) and tach was replaced.  
  Still turning the 27" Powertech, 85.3 gps and still had some  
  pedal just no nerve. It it was not for the trim tabs I could not  
  turn the 27. Just wanted to say, the 27 Powertech has gotten  
  some negative comments but I could not be more pleased  
  with it."  
00 Gambler 2100 26" Trophy Plus, 8" Bob's hydraulic, Lowrance X85,   Mark - TX
     225 Merc LMS 160, MotorGuide 107# TourEdition. "   
  84.6 mph @ 6300 rpm (gps). "I have added modified intake,   
      Updated 3/26/02....... 300 heads, tuner, ecu's, Bob's low water pickup, now  
  running 26" Trophy Plus, gps 84.6 @ 6300 rpm.  
  Still need more.  Has anyone had any luck w/SVS system?  
  Still the best boat on the market...(my opinion of course)."  
01 Gambler Intimidator 27" Tempest, 8" Bob's Machine hydraulic, Lowrance X65 (2),  Smitty - IL
    225 Merc EFI Lowrance flasher, MotorGuide 780 Tour. "ZR2 performance  
  pkg, 2 bank charger, keel guard. Merc has SVS intake, 300  
  ProMax heads and ECM. Boat is Black gel w/Silver Mist,   
  Red stripes. Just got it, lakes are still iced, can't wait to run   
00 Intimidator 26" Trophy, 8" Bob's Machine Shop hydraulic, Lowrance  Robert - PA
     225 Merc EFI X75, X65, Zercom flasher, MotorGuide Energy 1.   
  Propshaft is 1" below the pad.  82 mph @ 5900 rpm (gps).  
  "Incredible boat.  Friend told me I have a fishing advantage,   
  because when I'm not fishing and running to another spot,   
  nobody else is fishing either because they are all watching me  
00 Gambler Intimidator 27" Tempest, 6 1/2" Bob's Machine Shop hydraulic,  Larry - AR
     225? Merc 3.0 Lowrance electronics, MotorGuide TM.  
  Motor is 1" below the pad.  "What a screamer. Yes I have   
  added some high performance parts to the motor.  Believe it  
  or not the same 225 3.0 is turning a 27" Tempest at 6400 rpm  
  If you would like to make yours do the same, e-mail me. I'm   
  not sure of the speed but I know it is flying.  I have added a   
  Bob's nosecone and a few more bolt ons ?? I haven't come   
  across another boat that will even come close, that is in the   
  same class. This is my first Gambler and I love it; the only   
  thing I dislike is it loves to get hung up on stumps, I guess it's  
  to do with the hull shape.  Besides that, no complaints. It's one  
  head turner.  Does anyone have the SVS system on there 3.0  
  I'm just curious if it's worth the money.  I wished I could run   
  into more Gamblers in my neck of the woods."  
98 Gambler 2100 24" Trophy, 10" Gambler jackplate, Lowrance X85,   Pro - MO
     200 Merc ProMax Evinrude TM, 80 mph @ 6300 rpm (speedo). "It's the first  
  Gambler I have ever had and love it.  Ain't been left behind  
  yet. HA HA....."  
97 Gambler 209 23" Tempest, 12.5" hydraulic jackplate, Pinpoint 7500,7520,  Chuck - AZ
     225 Merc ProMax Lowrance GlobalMap 2000, Pinpoint 3900-56.  
  73 mph @ 6200 rpm (gps). "I would like some info to help  
  with low top end speed and poor stability problem. If you can  
  help, please e-mail me.  Thanks.........  
00 Gambler Intimidator 27" PowerTech, 8" Bob's Machine Shop hydraulic,   JustAddWater - DE
     225 Merc MotorGuide Energy TM. 80.7 mph @ 6000 rpm (gps).  
  "I have a 28" PowerTech, but have not had time to try it.    
  With a 27 PowerTech hitting rev limiter at 6000 rpm. With a  
  good holeshot. "My main goal is to have the fastest boat   
  around and beat Mr.Barnes HaHaHa". See you on the water.  
99 Gambler  26" Trophy, 10" Gambler jackplate, MotorGuide 767 TM,   Brad - DE
     Intimidator 78 mph @ 6200 rpm (gps). "I'm very happy with my new  
     200 Merc Gambler.  Not too bad out of the hole, great on top end.  
  I am still working on prop size and motor height, may need to   
  to 27 pitch.  This is truly the best boat I have ever fished out  
  of ".  
00 Gambler  25" Trophy, 8" HiJacker, Lowrance 1240A dash, X85 bow,  Muleskinner - AR
     Outlaw 1900 DualPro XL onboard charger, MotorGuide Hyperdrive 767,   
     200 Merc EFI "This boat is brand new and have not even got first tank of   
  gas through it.  But I can tell you at 6000 rpms this boat is   
  running 78.9 mph by GPS, and by the speedometer it has   
  pegged the gauge at 80 plus mph.  Boat has excellent holeshot  
  with the Trophy 25" and good speed also.  Boat was   
  purchased at Brook's Marine in Bauxite, AR. Randy Brooks  
  is the owner and also the one that set this boat up.  Will be   
  going to the 26" Trophy as soon as break in is over and also  
  minor adjustments to the engine height.  This combination is  
  expected to run approx. 83-84 mph. Not bad for a  19'4"  
  boat.  Also this boat is not bad to drive with just a little seat  
  time anyone can drive this boat.  And I recommend this boat  
  to anyone that wants a classy boat that is tournament ready  
  and will turn all the heads regardless where you are. This boat  
  will hold its own against all the brand names being   
  manufactured today.  See ya on the water.   Muleskinner.  
98 Gambler Intimidator 27" Trophy Plus, 11" Gambler jackplate, Zercom LPG2000,  200EFI - NM
     200 Merc EFI Eagle Optima, Minnkota Maxxum 74#. Propshaft is 1"   
  below the pad.  76 mph @ 5900 rpm (gps). "Top speed  
  stated is 6100' above sea level. Top 4 holes in lower unit   
  plugged/epoxied and painted.  I have spent a lot of time  
   Updated 12/11/03... experimenting and have found a solution to poor holeshot, low  
  speed porpoising and backwash.  I e-mailed Mr.Ackerbloom   
  all the info and now they have hydraulic trim tabs. Yes, I've  
  been outdone, but for those of us who still have Gamblers  
  without trim tabs I have a solution! If you would like to e-mail  
  me, I will be glad to help you out!"  
  "Sent prop to Rich Boger...Wow! "  
98 Gambler Outlaw 26" Predator, 10" Gambler jackplate, Lowrance X75, 1240,  Gene R - NC
     200 Merc MotorGuide 756 TM.  80 mph @ 6300 rpm (speedo).  
  "This is my second Outlaw, I'm looking forward to my next  
96 Gambler  26 Tempest/26 Trophy, 8" Detwiler hydraulic, Lowrance  TChandler - AL
     Intimidator II LMS-320, X15MT, 1240A. Motorguide TE107#.  PHOTO     PHOTO
     200 Merc XRi 80.7 mph @ 6500 rpm (gps).  PHOTO     PHOTO
         Updated 7/11/03.....    
93 Gambler Intimidator 26" Trophy, 6" Gambler jackplate, Lowrance LMS160,  TheRdx - KY
     225 Merc X75, Zercom indash flasher, MotorGuide 767 Brute,   
     ProMax "Engine is 225 ProMax powhead w/carbs. Just got the boat,   
  I need all the help I can get to make her scream."  
94 Gambler 26" Tempest, 12" Gambler jackplate, Bottomline Tournament  CLH - TX
     Intimidator II Master, MotorGuide Brute 50#. 82 mph (speedo).  
     200 Merc XRi    
00 Gambler 27" PowerTech, 10" Gambler jackplate, Lowrance 1240A,   Chris - AL
     Intimidator Garmin 160, MotorGuide 767. 80.3 mph @ 5900 rpm (gps).  
     225 Merc    
00 Gambler 2100 27" Tempest Plus, 10" Bob's Machine Shop hydraulic,   BBarnes - DE
     225 Merc Lowrance X85 & GlobalMap 2000, MotorGuide 7107V.  
  Motor is 2.5" off the transom. 79.7 mph @ 5900 rpm   
  (gps) "I am hitting the rev limiter but don't want to go to a  
  bigger prop and lose any of my holeshot. Rev limiter kicks in  
  at about 5950 rpms."  
92 Gambler 26" Predator prop, Gambler 8"jackplate, Lowrance X85,    Tech11 - TX
     Intimidator MotorGuide TM. 80+ mph @ 6300 rpm.  
     200 Merc    
96 Gambler 25" Trophy, 10" Gambler jackplate, Lowrance 1240A,   Trey - AL
     Intimidator 2000 Garmin 160, OMC TM. Motor brackets are 26" from pad.  
     225 Merc ProMax 85 mph @ 6400 rpm (gps).   
    Updated 6/22.....    
00 Gambler 2100 25" Trophy, 10" Bob's hydraulic jackplate, Lowrance   Kevin - PA
     225 Merc LMS160, Lowrance 375, MotorGuide 107# Tour Edition.  
  Motor is 8" off the transom. 78.9 mph.  
00 Gambler 2100 26" Predator, Lowrance X65, X48, MotorGuide 767 TM,   Max - MO
     225 Merc Optimax 76 mph @ 6000 rpm. "Holeshot is terrible, will not get on   
  plane with livewells full no matter how far you go. I have to   
  put partner on front deck to plane out."  
00 Gambler 2100 25" Tempest, 12" Gambler, Lowrance GlobalMap 2000,  Flipped Out - FL
     225 Merc ProMax MotorGuide 767.  74 mph @ 6400 rpm (gps).  
  "I love this boat; it's my 2nd Gambler.  I just think that I should  
  be running faster than I am. Anyone have any ideas? There is  
  one problem that I do have; when I'm by myself I have a good  
  holeshot, but on tournament day fully loaded the holeshot is  
  awful. I have talked to Gambler and I can't see bolting on the   
  aftermarket trim tabs."  
00 Gambler Intimidator 26" Trophy Plus, 6" T-H Marine, Lowrance 1340A,  Intimidator2000G-AR
     1900 Lowrance X65, MotorGuide 767. 80 mph @ 6200 (speedo)  
     200 Merc "Went from a Charger 180 to my Intimidator and wouldn't  
  trade for anything. (Well, only another Gambler!) Was  
  running 79 (speedo) with a 25" Trophy Plus and switched to   
  a 26" and dropped only 200 rpm. High perf. lower unit really  
  sets boat off. (White w/black stripe, gray & silver accents).  
  Only out-ran by 2 225's that had been built. The poor little  
  OMC's can't touch me. HA HA!! "  
96 Gambler Intimidator 25" Trophy Plus, 7 3/4" Detwiler hydraulic, Lowrance  Dooharo - OH
     200 Merc electronics, OMC TM.  
00 Gambler 2100 26" Trophy, 10" Bob's hydraulic jackplate, Lowrance X75,   Bassin9 - FL
     300 Merc ProMax MotorGuide 107# Tour Edition. 90+ mph @ 6200 rpm (gps)  
97 Gambler Outlaw Eagle electronics, Motor Guide TM. 75 mph (speedo).  Tom - MI
     150 Merc "Very few hours. Like new. Livewell control center added,   
  Tri charger. Good on big water."  
00 Gambler 2100 27" Tempest, 10" Detwiler, Lowrance X85, GPS 160,    Jr.Britt - FL
     225 Merc MotorGuide 107# 36V. 83.3 mph @ 6000 rpm (gps).  
  "First 2100 single console made of Kevlar. Pic of boat in the  
  new website & new brochure, check it out. So far it has   
  out-ran all 21' Bullets with the same motor."  
96 Gambler 209 TE Brucato SVS, Boyesen reeds, 300 ProMax heads, exhaust  Bassmaster - NC
    225 Merc EFI 3.L porting, solid mounts, 29" Spinelli DR prop.  
97 Gambler 209 25"/27" Renegades, RapidJack jackplate, DualPro charger,  Finworm - IN
  225 Johnson Venom Lowrance GlobalMap 12 mount w/remote antenna,   
  Lowrance X70A (2).  
99 Gambler Intimidator MotorGuide 756, Lowrance 1240A, X65, GlobalMap1600  Mike A - MO
    225 Merc ProMax GPS. All the Gambler options.  
97 Gambler Outlaw Manual jackplate, MotorGuide 756, Lowrance,   Don S - VA
  150 Johnson F/strike Humminbird 3  
97 Gambler Outlaw 25" Tempest, (worked by Boger Kustom), 10" jackplate,  Mark - GA
     150 Merc EFI Boyesen reeds, solid mounts, G-Force exhaust tuner,  
  Lowrance X70, Garmin GPS, Humminbird flasher,  
97 Gambler 209 TE 25" Spinelli DR prop (6700 rpms), 12" jackplate, Gaffrig  Mr Dee - CO
    225 Merc ProMax gauges, Zercom indash, 2 Eagle Optimas, Boris Marine TM  
  with ProKonTroll handle, 78 mph @ 1200' and 72 @ 500'.  
97 Gambler 209 TE 26" Trophy, 10" jackplate, Sportmaster gearcase, (90+ mph),  Garylee - MN
    300 Merc ProMax MotorGuide Autoguide w/Powergator, DualPro charger/Xtra,  
  Lowrance LMS350.    
99 Gambler Intimidator 26" Trophy, 8" jackplate, hydraulic steering, hot foot,  Jim - LA
  19'3'   200 Merc EFI floor trim.  

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