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West Virginia

Updated January 26/14

Chapmanville Fish Upper Mud, East Lynn, RD Bailey, Sutton, Summersville, Burnsville. I also do some float trips on the New, Greenbrier, and Elk and Guyandotte rivers. The crab
 TJ Crabtree
Fairmont Fish Ohio and Mongahela River, Burnsville, Cheat, Sutton. Fluh01
Alan Fluharty
Huntington Fish East Lynn, Stonewall Jackson, Ohio River, Mudriver Lake, Grayson, KY, Yatesville, KY. Jer-1Big Bass
Jerry Richmond
Inwood Fish Sleepy Creek, Ross Barnett, TN/KY Lake, Reelfoot,
Island 40, Lost River, Trout Pond, Potomac River.
Want some tips from an Ole Man? Drop me a line and
I'll try to help ya out.
Ole Man Vinson
Cliff Vinson
Logan Fish East Lynn, Laurel, Jordan. Hollie Fox