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Updated February 23/15

Anoka Fish Minnetonka, White Bear, Prior.
All three lakes are GREAT! Check out a sweet website at:
Howie Glass
Burnsville Fish Minnetonka, Prior, Metro Wide and beyond.
Always looking for someone to go, I make it out pretty frequently on the weekends, some weekdays as well.
Joe Morocco
Burnsville Fish all over Minnesota & Western Wisconsin.
Minnesota is the land of 10,000 (actually more like 15,000)
lakes and nearly every one of them is loaded with quality
bass and most are not pressured like the rest of the 
country.  I plan to try to fish every one of them before I
get too old to launch my boat by myself or tie my
own hooks.
Dale Richardson
(1 block off Minnetonka)
Fish Lake Minnetonka.  I fish mainly Muskies, but pull many 5 & 6# Largemouth out of there every year. Muskie Treats
Shawn Kellett
Grand Rapids Fish Leech, Winnebigosh, Pokegama, Rainy River.
I fish about every lake within 30 miles of Grand Rapids, 
and a lot of others in the northern 1/3 of the state.
If you're in the area, drop me a line and let's go fishing.
Chris Johnson
Minneapolis Fish Minnetonka, Mississippi River and Mille Lacs Lake. Mnfish
Ken Knutson
Minneapolis Fish Minnetonka, Chisago, Metro Lakes. Robin
Robin Olson
New Brighton Fish 100's in MN, Several in IA, WI, MO. Old Hickory, LA Delta.  Old Fart just looking to have a good time on the water.  Catching fish is a bonus. Jiggin
Pat Corrigan
(651) 604-0687
Sartell Fish Mississippi River. MNGeorge
St.Boni Fish Waconia, Minnetonka, Mille Lacs, Vermillion, West Metro Lakes. Lucas01
Lucas Mueller