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Triton EZLoader Trailer Bunk Adjustment

by: Gordon from TN

For those of you that are having problems with your Tritons on EZLoader trailers, 
and having problems with the boat being too low where it meets the front roller, 
this adjustment that Gordon came up with for his Triton may just be the answer for you.

Pettie2.jpg (26597 bytes) Pettie1.jpg (17677 bytes) Pettie3.jpg (18005 bytes)

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1. Look to see how much your Triton (or other boat) is off the bow (front) end of the bunk
board.  You will later need a spacer exactly that much to place in between the L bracket and the bunk board.
2. Remove the screws that are in the boards already.
3. Place a jack directly under the bunk board, you have have to get a concrete block or a wooden box sturdy enough to place the jack on to reach the board, as well as sturdy enough to hold part of the weight of the boat.
4. You may want to get a rough piece of wood like a 2 x 4 to place on the jack head so that it won't rip the carpet or slip on the slanted bunk board.  Now crank the jack and you will see the board start going up toward the bottom of the boat.  As soon as the board reaches the bottom of the boat you will want to crank the jack a couple more times to actually lift the boat SLIGHTLY.  If you look at the hook where your probably split bow roller is, you will notice that the hook and boat may be off the roller SLIGHTLY also.
This is where you want it to be.
5. Now take your spacer, (which you measured for earlier) and wedge it in between the raised board and the L bracket.  On my boat, a 1 x 6 piece of decking (treated) was perfect.
6. Now lower the jack and go to the other side and do it just the same.  Don't forget to replace the screws that you took out.  You will have to put longer ones back in, probably at least twice the length of the original ones.  DON'T, I repeat, DON'T get them long enough to go through both boards.
This would also be a good time to replace your bow roller if you need to, while the boat is jacked up a little.

I would recommend doing this with the boat on the trailer also, so that you know exactly how far you need to go with the boards.
7. You may want to spray paint or better yet, put a piece of carpet around the spacer to match the bunk board.

Hope this helps!!!

Any questions??   Gordon from TN