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DYNATRAK Likes & Dislikes

Likes: Big heavy boat, rides great and dry in heavy chop.  Has a front deck you could land a small plane on :), and land a helicopter on the back deck ;).  Back deck is 4'6" by 6'9" (I think, if not bigger). Center console style.  It looks modern to be 12 years old.  Chicks dig it ;).
Can fish all day out of it without getting tired.  Waves from other boats don't throw you around while fishing.
Dislikes: Big Heavy Boat :).  Slower than most, even with the 225.  A lot of wasted space, not great on the storage layout.  Livewell lids are big, but the openings to the livewell is relatively small, I guess this helps keep the smallmouth in the livewell when you go to add another, so strike that one ;).  Center console design.  Take note, you guys who think it is the latest fad, to own a center console Allison, etc.  If you fish a lot by yourself, don't get a center console.
You have to use the trolling motor to get to the dock, unless you want to mar your boat's finish up.
All in all, I am very satisfied with this boat.  It is a very stable platform, easy to drive and the chicks love it (cause they can lay out while I fish), even the old times get a kick out of its styling.
Likes: Plenty of deck fore and aft and enough freeboard to keep items from falling overboard.
Value: plenty of creature comforts found on the really pricey rigs like lighted livewells and lockers, gas assist lid supports, onboard DualPro w/thru-hull receptacle, sliding driver's seat, tilt wheel.  Ample storage.  Ride is great in the rough stuff and feels secure because the buckets sit low in deck.  I'd buy another one; unfortunately Ebbtide discontinued the line.
Dislikes: My only concern is resale value since the line has been discontinued.  Too bad, because Ebbtide really had a great thing going.  Guess I'll just keep here forever since I don't have any real complaints.
Eric - NY            1997 DynaTrak 194 DC Ramrod w/150 Johnson FastStrike               

Like: That there is plenty of floor space, 4 isolated seats, full windshield from cold/rain, good fishing decks with enough lip to keep things from sliding out.  Plus the 2 extra long front seats for stretching out while cruising with the family.
Dislike:  I would like to have a longer/faster model, since it's a little rough in open water.  Other than that, it's perfect for me!
Dyna2 - GA         1982 DynaTrak 176 S/S w/70 Chrysler                                                  1/3