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Chine Walking Teachers

  We're setting up a  'Network of Teachers'  across the U.S. (with one in Ontario
and one in Japan), to help  newcomers to chinewalking.  There's no better
 way to learn how to properly and safely drive a high performance bassboat than to have an experienced driver spend some time with you.  
If you would be able to volunteer a bit of time now and again,  please send me
an e-mail and I'll get you listed. 
Al Shields   ashields@bassboatcentral.com

** Note:  Be sure to check out the Chinewalking Articles**

Updated September 6/09

 Country TEACHER E-Mail Link
Japan Hiro Sanada is an importer of various boats such as   Hiro Sanada - Japan
  Allison, Triton, Norris Craft, etc.  He personally owns  
  an Allison SS2002 and recently reached 100 mph GPS  
  with a 200hp Merc.  
  If you live in Japan and need help with learning how  
  to drive chinewalk, contact Hiro and he'll be glad to help  
  Sanada Racing/Tokyo, Japan.  
  Check out: Sanada's Website  



E-Mail Links

Arkansas David Tucker from Ft.Smith, Arkansas will teach  David Tucker - AR
  anyone around his area or will go further provided   
  that they meet him halfway.  
Florida John Gore lives in Panama City, FL and enjoys   John Gore - FL
  helping people learn how to drive a fast boat.  
  He's ran a 16' HydraSports bassboat w/modified 2.4,   
  "one of the hardest boats I've ever messed with but   
  fun.", raced a tunnel in DSRA,TDBA, ADBA   
  (ODBA), then switched to an Allison XR2001 drag  
  and ran superstock and modified production. He  
  currently owns a 2002 Allison bassboat w/260   
  Mariner. John's very concerned with safely going  
  fast. If you're in FL and need help, get in touch with  
Georgia Mike Bucca (Triton Mike), lives in Cartersville, GA  TritonMike - AL
  (about 30 miles north of Atlanta) and will handle   
  anyone in the Atlanta area or North Georgia.  
Kansas If you live in Kansas and need help learning how to  Stan Lee - KS
  control chinewalking, give Stan Lee a call.  
Kansas Kraig Stevens lives 75 miles from Stockton Lake in  Kraig Stevens - KS
  Missouri and 75 miles from Grand Lake in Oklahoma;  
  these are the lakes that he fishes the most. If someone  
  has somewhere else in mind to meet, they can email   
  him to see what can be arranged.  
Kentucky Steve Corley has owned boats that have ran from 65  Steve Corley - KY
  up to 85 mph. "The fastest was a 16'8" Ragin' Cajun'  
  with a built 175 GT Johnson that was putting out a   
  dyno tested 205 hp. This was a very difficult boat to   
  drive from the minute it was free from the trailer. I  
  would be glad to help in any way possible including  
  driving. I live in the western Kentucky/southern   
  Indiana area."  
Kentucky Jeff Bristow has an Allison and will help show anyone  Jeff Bristow - KY
  how to "drive the chine".  
  * See Jeff's article on Chinewalking ...........  
Mississippi Lee Robbins lives in Clinton, MS and will help anyone Lee Robbins - MS
  in Mississippi to learn how to control chinewalking.  
  Lee had to learn how to setup his TR19 (with 200  
   Yamaha) to where he could more easily control it.  
  Lee believes that chinewalk can be corrected with   
  proper boat setup and being able to anticipate your  
  boat's movements to the point you can "counter act"  
  with the wheel and or trim.  If you live in Mississippi  
  and need help; get in touch with Lee.  
N.Carolina I will help anybody in the Raleigh/Durham, or   Basswipe - NC
  or Fayetteville areas or anywhere in NC within   
  reason. I have not driven ALL kinds of boats, but  
  have tamed chinewalking on a couple.  
  *** Note: Basswipe has a Bullet...........  


I live in North Central Oklahoma. I've been driving   Steve Owens - OK
  high performance bass boats for over 22 years. The  
  wildest boat I've had was a 15' super flyweight boat   
  with a highly modified 200 on it, back in the late 80's.  
  I've since built a number of engines and played with a  
  lot of different setups and boat brands. Currently have  
  a 20' Bullet with a Merc 280. I love going fast, but   
  will only do so in a safe and controlled manner. I'm a  
  safety engineer by profession so flipping a boat at high  
  speed would not look good on my resume'.  
Ontario Ted Biglow has an Allison SS Supersport w/280 hp  Ted Biglow - Ont.
  Merc 15" shaft that will hit 110 mph. I've been with   
  him at 96 mph and he definitely knows how to drive.  
  If you live in Ontario you might want to contact Ted  
  if you need help with learning to drive the "chine".  
S.Carolina I will help anyone within range in SC with learning to   Greg - SC
  drive a "walking" boat. I owned a F18 Astro with a   
  175 that was a bear.  I have driven the F20 when  
  nobody around here could. I have driven Bullets,   
  Norris Crafts and my Blazer that I currently own  
  all in the 80's.  
Tennessee Sean Anderson lives in Maryville, TN.  For 8 years he  Sean - TN
  and his father had a 17' Bullet with a 225 Merc on it.  
  He'd be happy to show anyone in this area and teach  
  them about the subject "hands on".  
Tennessee Danny (Chug) Montgomery owns a '91 Bullet w/225  Chug -TN
  ProMax and would be glad to help anyone needing   
  help around North Alabama, Pickwick, Wilson,   
  Wheeler, Kentucky Lake.....  
Texas Matt Cone lives just north of Houston. Matt fishes  Matt Cone - TX
  many of the lakes in SE Texas, like Rayburn, Toledo  
  Bend, etc.  
Texas Jon Steves from San Antonio has been in the marine   Jon - TX
  industry for 7 years and would be glad to help out   
  anyone having problems learning the "walk".  
Virginia Bobby Robbins lives in South West Virginia and  BobbyRobbins-VA
  hangs around South Holston Lake on the VA and   
  TN borders mostly. He'd be glad to help people   
  around the Eastern part of TN and southwestern  
  VA. Home phone # 540-496-7249.  
  *See Bobby's article on Chinewalking ...........