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Rod Holders for ChampioN Rod Box

These vertical rod holders are installed in my 1992 ChampioN, 190 DC, 175 XRi EFI.
The vertical rod holders inside of the rod box/bunk do not take up much room. They leave the floor of the bunk for other tackle, rain gear, net, additional rods, etc.
I can place four rods and reels on the vertical holder and two on the outside of the rod bunk.  These directions are for only the vertical rod holders on the inside of the bunk, and not for the two in pictures 6 & 7.
The other two holders are briefly explained at the end.
Directions/Details/Explanations will match each picture.

Picture # Details/Description  * Click on thumbnails for large pics.

chmprdbx_1.jpg (48812 bytes)  #1
This pic shows the passenger side rod bunk with six rods in place.
 Note the room on the floor of the bunk for other materials.
chmprdbx_2.jpg (51052 bytes) #2
Shows the back part of the rod holder with four rods hanging vertically.
chmprdbx_3.jpg (53103 bytes) #3
Shows the front part of the rod holder with four rods hanging vertically.
chmprdbx_4.jpg (48367 bytes) #4
Shows the back part of the rod holder without rods.
chmprdbx_5.jpg (49056 bytes) #5
Shows the front part of the rod holder without rods.
chmprdbx_6.jpg (55423 bytes) #6
Shows the outside of the rod locker and two rods hung there.
chmprdbx_7.jpg (50075 bytes) #7
Shows the outside of the rod locker and two rods front half.
MVC-019F.jpg (43882 bytes) #8
Shows materials needed for holders - Labelled A through G.

A - Garden tool holder from hardware store. Will screw into vertical wood piece with a
      wood screw.
B - Two sizes of other tool holders, used the smaller size for the front to hold rod, and
      larger size for the handle.  Only used this type because could locate none of the
      other type A at the time.  Attach to vertical wood mount with wood screw.
C - Wood screws, one for each of A and B.
D - Long bolt with washers to hold the vertical wood pieces on to the inside of the rod
      bunk.  Use washers as well as a nut to hold wooden verticals in place.
E - Rubber tubing to slip over the 'arms' of type A holder.  To not scratch rod or handle
      of reel.
F - Self adhesive Velcro (fuzzy side) to 'line' the inside of type B holder.  To not scratch
G - The wood (a short piece) to attach holders to.  Will mount vertically to inside of bunk
      with D above.  I put on three coats of clear, high gloss varnish to avoid any water
      damage problem to unprotected wood.  Will need one for handle attachment and one
      for the rod attachment.  The wood I used was 2" x 3/4".  I used Red Willow wood,
      but other types will work just as well.
chmprdbx_9.jpg (42875 bytes) #9
Shows driver's side locker with same set up and materials.
This is back part.  As you can see, I use this side for running lights,
lure retriever, bow saw, paddle, etc.
chmprdbx_10.jpg (51532 bytes) #10
Same as #9, but front part.  Same use as stated in #9.
The Directions:
Step #1 - Measure two pieces of wood from just under lip of locker to floor of the locker.  Make sure you get a good snug fit.  Measure front and rear both, because they will be different heights.  Make sure of the placement from back of bunk to your reel handles.
Step #2 - Decide on your rod and reel placement on the wood and lay out your rods on them.  I did this outside the rod bunk and on the garage floor.
Step #3 - Drill guide holes for the wood screws.
Step #4 - Attach each rod holder with a wood screw, and set on your rods to be sure of placement.  I attached these inside the rod locker to see how they would fit as a "test run".
Step #5 - Remove the rod wood screws and rod holder and rod from the wood.
Step #6 - Sand and varnish your wood.  As stated earlier, I used three coats of clear, high gloss varnish.

Step #7 - Now, place your rubber tubing and Velcro on your holders.  Make sure these are in place properly because they will protect your handles and rod blanks from receiving scratches from the metal holders.
Step #8 - After the varnish is dry, set the vertical wood pieces in place inside your rod bunk at their proper location and mark where you will drill holes from inside the bunk to the outside of the bunk.  Be sure of their positioning.....consider how close you want your handles to the back of the bunk.
Step #9 - Next, drill holes in the vertical wood hold to where they will go through the inside of your rod bunk.  CAUTION: You will drill through the carpeting and bunk and into the "walkway" between your two bunks.  IN MY BOAT, there is no problem because I have a flippin' deck that covers up any imperfections.   You are drilling from inside the bunk to the inside of the boat.  You are not drilling from the outside of the bunk to the outside of the boat.

Step #10 - Use the longer bolts to mount the vertical wood pieces to inside of the bunk.
You will have to measure and judge how long they need to be.  Use washers over the head of the screw and the nut.  Be sure to cut down the screws and file them after the wood is attached so they do not cut or scratch your legs.  You can use a piece of the fuzzy side of the Velcro to put over the ends of the bolts for protection.

Step #11 - Mount each of the rod holders on to the vertical wood pieces in the pre-drilled holes as in step #3 above.
Step #12 - Put your rods in place with the reels facing down and handles to inside as in picture #2.

If you want to install rods as shown in Pics 6 & 7, they will be mounted horizontally, and just under the lip of the rod box lid.  I used wood screws (self drilling type) and short ones, to fasten directly into the fiberglass rim of the rod box lid at the front and an 'L'
shaped brace with wood screws into a piece of plywood at the back.
There was an exposed piece of plywood at the top of the rod box that I was able to attach the 'L' shaped brace to.  Use the same type of holders with Velcro as shown in 8B with the larger for the handles and smaller for the rod itself.

If anyone has questions, please feel free to let me know.  Hopefully, these directions are clear enough to give you an idea of the rod holders I made and installed in my
ChampioN.  Believe me, I'm no handyman or mechanic, if I can do this and make it work, then anyone can do the same.

Im4bass - NE  (Howard)