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CAJUN Likes & Dislikes

I have just purchased my first bass boat and it's a '91 Ragin Cajun 17' with a 1992 Yamaha 115 V4. I've gotten into the tournament scene and I love this boat. The handling and ride are great. With me and my partner the boat is very stable. I also like the fact that you don't see any around here so I like having something different. I am having a blast with this thing.
Ragin Cajun92 - GA    1991 Ragin Cajun 17' w/115 Yamaha                                       
Love the boat, runs great in the water, very little if any spray. Has plenty of fishing deck and easy to switch from family boat to fishing boat. Plenty of storage.
Redneckfrank - TX     1991 Cajun 2050 F/S Travis Edition w/225 Johnson                 
I love this boat. I just bought the boat and we use it all the time.  It handles rough water like a dream.  I don't know if it's the way the boat is set up, or if it's just hull design, but this boat will not chine walk at all, I love it.  I can go wide open (approx.60 mph) with the motor trimmed all the way up and one hand on the wheel like a car, without hydraulic steering.
Dtricky49 - TX    1994 Cajun 186 DC w/Mercury 150                                                   

I like the way it handles rough water and the fact that it is a stable, steady fishing platform.
I'm not crazy about having a Johnson hanging off the back but that's what it came with (I've always liked Mercurys). 200 hp is the max rating, I would love putting a 225 Optimax or 250 Merc on the boat, with the 200 I can only get 64 mph (gps) out of it.  Wish I could find more 210 owners to see how they set theirs up.  More rear storage would be nice but overall I like the boat.
Moevin - CA    1996 Cajun 210 DC  w/Johnson Venom 200                                              10/16