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BULLET Likes & Dislikes

Likes: Just purchased the boat. Great looking, well made, totally hand crafted boat. Finish is still flawless. The Bullet looked better than most of the new boats dealer had on the lot when I took delivery. Tons of storage, fast and stable. Looks good on the trailer and on the water. I just love this boat as does everyone that sees it.
Dislikes: Trailer should be made with the same quality and level of detail as the boat. Too much rust. Eliminate the carpeted steps which hold water and promote rust and replace them with either a rubber grip pad or diamond plate. Enlarge bow eye a bit to more easily accommodate the winch strap and a safety strap. Owners manual would be nice. As others have noted, pop up cleats are needed, but can be added easily. I understand the aversion to drilling any holes in this perfect hull. Great boat!
RodMan63 - WV     2003 Bullet 20 XDC w/225 Evinrude HO                                            
I sold my 2006 21XD today and I am ordering the new 21SS next week. No dislikes with my 2004 or 2005 XD. 
Dislikes: I have owned 3 Allisons and 2 Bullets since 1999, all with Boatmate trailers. I have had 3 of the 5 trailers repaired or partial painted for rust, under the rear crossmember and the aluminum coming loose and several of my Bullet friends are also going thru this. I plan on putting an aluminum Ameritrail trailer powdercoated black to match the boat on my 21SS.  Has anyone seen a trailer built like thins and what do they look like?
MRT - FL                 2006 Bullet 21XD w/300XS Merc                                                       
It seems my 2010 rides better in rough water than the previous two of the same model. Perhaps I am just skipping a few waves at a higher speed, but it sure seems to ride better.
Jerry - TX                 2010 Bullet 21XDC w/300 Merc                                                           
What can I say, all the Bullet owners have said it all, this boat is unbelievable fast, good handling, great in the rough water, the workmanship is second to none. The boat looks like it's going 100 mph on the trailer. I absolutely LOVE it none better and I've been in a lot of em.
Dislikes: NONE, leave well enough alone.
TMBullet - MI           2003 Bullet 21XD w/04 Merc 225 3.0L                                               
Love the old boat. 71 mph with 4 blade 25 pitch prop. Fishes good in calm to moderate water.
Couple of gelcoat cracks, otherwise perfect. Will outrun my partner's $35,000. boat with a bigger motor.
Lou - NC                     1986 Bullet 19V w/150 Evinrude                                                         
Boat's too long, rides good but will not fit in my garage. Would trade for a 20XD.
Wild man - OH           1994 Bullet 21XD w/Merc 2.4                                                             
Well my Bullet is older by performs a lot better than most newer boats and still commands respect from newer owners. The deck had been modified to a flippin' deck because the earlier boats didn't come that way. When I pull up to the ramp competitors already know I have advantage. LOVE THIS BOAT!!!
Gunrnr1 - OH             1990 Bullet 20XDC w/200 Yamaha ProV                                            
What is not to like....I would rather sink in a Bullet than get rescued by another kind!
Unclemark - AL         2003 Bullet 21XDC w/225 Johnson H.O.                                              
I have nothing I don't like about my boat!!!
Jeremy 20cc - TN      2000 Bullet 20CC w/300 Merc Drag                                      
Likes: Everything about the boat, it rides great in rough water, smooth water, Any Water!
Great for rod and tackle storage. Have added numerous improvements to this one (lights in livewells, pop up cleats, all new seats, windshield, SeaStar hydraulic steering, Lowrance GPS units and deptth finders, new polished aluminum rims & Goodyear Marathons, too much more to list).
Dislikes: CustomLine trailer - poor paint (had redone totally). Nothing about the boat just the "Rustomline" trailer.
Bullet Man - GA       2000 Bullet 21XD w/300 Merc ProMax                                               
Likes: Awesome looks and great layout for me. It is much lighter than my old rig and is easier to tow. Extremely fast and floats hight to fish the shallow water. Fit and finish are second to none. 
I will never own another brand.
Dislikes: Not really, just a few ad ons like pop up cleats.
Mercury 97 - AL        1999 Bullet 20XF w/200 Merc                                                             
I'd have to say that I love EVERYTHING about my boat from the large XRD platform to fish form (especially important if you are fishing with a 3 and 6 year old), to the unmistakeable look on and off the water, the feel and sound of the boat on pad running in slightly choppy water.
The only complaint is I can only afford 1 (for now). Only boat for me bar-none, great boats, even in 1992, still looks good!!
20XRD - TN             1992 Bullet 20 XRD w/97 225 Supermag                                              
It's too fast....it's too easy to drive...it's too smooth in the rough stuff...it's too comfortable to fish out of....it's got too much storage....I get too many looks at the ramp cause...It's too peerrrrrty!
People see me in it and think I know what I'm doing and should have huge bags-o-fish.
Boy, do I show them how wrong they can be.
Bullet is the best!! Everything else is just a boat.
Bullet20dc/Charlie B - NY      1996 Bullet w/225 Merc ProMax                                           
Likes: Can't say enough about this boat.  This makes my second Bullet and like a lot of other owners, this is the only brand that I will own.  I have owned two other brands and they don't hold a candle. And when I sold them, I took a big loss and they were kept in exceptional condition.
The Bullet that I recently sold I bought used in '97 and it was a '95 model.  I sold it in 2001 and only lost $800. over what I paid for it.  These are truly the best mix of performance and fishability of any boat that I have ridden in or fished out of.  There are a lot of nice boats out there, but only one for me and that's a Bullet.
Dislikes:  NONE, other than sometimes all the attention that it gets for being the best looking boat on the water....
RWard - NC            2002 Bullet 21XD  w/250XB Merc                                                       
Likes: Almost everything about this boat.  It's a little old but still fast.  The motor was rebuilt 4 months ago and now running strong turning a 25" Shooter at 5600 rpm.  Speedometer says 20 mph but I think it's lying to me.  Working on recarpeting the boat but goes with age and I enjoy passing new rigs in my old Bullet at the lake.
Dislikes:  Front and rear decks on my boat, but I just have to buy one that's a little newer.  Will be about 6 or 7 years from now unless I get a really good job; getting married in December, can't afford a newer one but I guess I can wait.
OldBullet - AL          1986 Bullet 19V w/175 Johnson                                                             
Love this boat, rides and drives great.  Handles rough water very well, very responsive with the trolling motor.  Would like to see a glove box added on the passenger's console and a fuel gauge for the saddle tanks.
Mike Kepp - MN     2002 Bullet 20XDC w/225X Merc                                                        
I love my boat.  It is tough enough to withstand fishing in timber and stumps, will float shallow, and is not a stump magnet like the Ranger I used to own.  No dislikes at all.
Terry - MS        1998 Bullet XD w/ 200 Merc EFI                                                                   
I had the opportunity to go pick up my boat at the factory.  If any Bullet owner ever has this opportunity, please take advantage of it.  I spent over an hour with Randy, while he explained the entire hull and cap moulding process.  It is easy to see why a Bullet costs a little more than the mass produced boats.  I can also see why the hull is so strong yet so light.

As far as the boat is concerned, there is none other that will compare.  The finish is not good or great, but is perfect!  All of the hardware is of top notch quality, and has been well thought out.
I believe that since Bullet doesn't build a lot of models or change their look every few years that this translates into well-thought quality.  I had always wanted a Bullet, but never could "take the jump" because of the price.  I will say that now since owning one for myself, they are well worth the money.  Buy a Bullet and you won't be disappointed.  That is unless you like your heated seats or rod ramp.  I bought a performance bass boat, not a Cadillac.
DACHEEK - NC     2001 Bullet 21XD w/225 Merc                                                               
Likes: Truly the nicest boat I have ever been in. Quality, Quality and more Quality!
Fisherman friendly and EXTREMELY FAST! Absolutely no dislikes.  I will never own another boat.
Chris - WA         2000 Bullet 20 XDC w/225 Yamaha VMax                   
Absolutely love this boat.  Thanks to my brother John who just happened to set this up for me the way that I want it.  Not really out for the blistering top end that the boat is capable of, but more of the higher speed handling in the rough water.  The boat runs in the mid 80's with a Mazco 28" 4 blade prop and really works well for me and the load that I tend to carry, which is a little heavier than most other guys out there.  But the boat has definitely served its purpose.  Fishes very well, unreal amount of storage, stable fishing platform, and runs and drives like no other.  Very well satisfied with everything in my Bullet.  The people at the factory absolutely have something to be proud of.  Have a good day, oh by the way, NO DISLIKES, how could one not like this boat?  It's beyond me.
David Webb - KY    1993 Bullet 21XD w/1996 2.5/260 EFI Mercury                                 
After owning 2 Ranger boats and 1 Champion, I now see what all the talk is about.  I have to say that after purchasing the others, the Bullet stands far and above those boats in every way. The likes about the boat is the fact that its hull is so efficient and goes through the water like a knife instead of pushing a bunch of water.  The overall speed and handling characteristics are absolutely the best I have ever seen.  The overall quality of this boat is exceptional.  I have stopped shopping for the perfect boat.  I have found it with the Bullet.
Dislikes: I cannot afford 2 of them, or I would buy another.  There are no dislikes with the boat.  My dealer assured me that this would be the last boat that I would buy and he was right.
Thanks John - Woodland Marine.
Garry Griffen - KY     2000 Bullet 20 XRD w/200 Mercury ProMax                                  
This has to be the "CATS MEOW" when it comes to BRUTE performance, this is the TOP DOG when it comes to Bass boats.  I like the way the boat handles the power it is given, how it turns, how it handles larger water, accelerates, lifts, fishes and best of all how the integrity of the boat is.  2nd to NONE - Period.  This is my 9th and fastest Bullet boat (94.2 mph) in as many years and they just keep getting better.  
Dislikes:  There are no dislikes with a boat like this - ABSOLUTELY NONE AT ALL !!

As for the previous post about standard features on the boat, I for one do not like cleats of any kind on my boat, I just hate seeing those holes drilled in a perfectly finished product.  No need for these, the factory should leave those type add ons to be done at the dealer from which you purchase the boat.
Keep building them the way they are - No complaints here !!
John - KY              2001 Bullet 20XD/Comp w/2.5  280 hp Merc                                         

Likes: l) Boat is the straightest I've seen. 2) Very fast and good in the ruff stuff. 3) Livewell system works good, never lost a fish, (won more tournaments in this boat than any other I've had. Who says the boat don't catch fish.)  4) A lot of good storage. 5) Style of bucket seats fit the boat characteristics great. (They look and feel as fast as the boat).  6) Boat construction is  second to none.  7) A lot of fun to drive.  You almost hate to stop to fish. 
Dislikes:  This is a tough one.  I don't really have any dislikes, just a few small "add ons" I'd like to see.  1) A glove box for the small stuff like handheld GPS, spare sunglasses, papers.  2) Rear splash guard as standard equipment, not an option.  3)  A partner rod ramp in place of the cup holder.  4) I would like to see stainless steel pop up cleats - front and rear as standard equipment.  (You have to tie off to the dock to something, but you don't want the standard cleats that stick out.  Also, do you know how tuff it is to drill holes in your new boat to install any kind of cleats?)
That's about all of the likes/dislikes I have.  This is the boat that you hear everybody say you have to work up to.
Thomstoner - MI     2000 Bullet 20 XDC  w/ 200 Merc EFI                                                 10/13/00