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BLAZER Likes & Dislikes

Likes: The boat handles great with hydraulic steering.  Rides like a 1999 Corvette.
Love the storage compartments and how they are aligned. Boat sits well in shallow water, I fish the Ohio River regularly and sometimes it's just me and the jon boats back in the creeks, what more could I ask for, I love it!
Dislikes: None as of now, except the paint job just above the winching ring.  I wish the hull was uniform in color.
DOLOMITE - IN        2001 Blazer 202 Pro w/Yamaha 225 VMax                            
Likes: This boat is very easy to drive with the proper setup and carrries weight really well.
The look of the boat and stripe patterns are very sleek.  This is one of the most stable boats I have fished out of.  There is hardly any side/side movement when fishing.  The decks are huge and have plenty of storage as well as big livewells.  It has all the amenities you need for tournament fishing.  It handles rough water well and holds tight in turns.
This boat will also get you there faster than most.  There are only a few boats that will beat it but none for the price.  This rig cost me $24,400.  How many boats this size can you say that about?  My next boat will definitely be another Blazer.
Dislikes:  The few dislikes I had are now incorporated in the new Blazers and I have modified mine to match, so there really isn't anything bad I can say about this boat.
Chad202 - LA
             2000 Blazer 202DC w/225 Merc ProMax 
Likes: I LOVE THIS BOAT! It is exceptionally FAST (80+ MPH screamer) - make sure to get a hotfoot & wheel trim.  It handles extremely well - very responsive at all speeds & it is a  surprisingly comfortable ride in rough water (bucket seats are awesome on long rides - stay away from bench seat).  Fishability is excellent.  Decks are large & stable - the hull design prevents excessive rocking when moving from side-to-side. Livewells are large and well designed. There's plenty of large, lockable storage spaces - both rod box lids & rear compartment have gas shocks.  The large rear door is nice - no more cussing over bleeding fingers when working in the 'hole'. 
Best of all was the price - I got a loaded 202 w/a 225 for under $25K.  I've fished in a lot of $35K+ boats which I don't like nearly as well as my Blazer 202.  I don't mind that it doesn't have a whole lot of extraneous bells, whistles & gadgets - I'm not paying $10K for gadgets or a name.  The 202 does have most of the useable options I like and is a quality product.  I haven't had any problems so far & the dealer I bought my boat from claims Blazer provides excellent customer service. 
Dislikes: The only options I would like to see Blazer offer are rod & tackle organization systems. (I put in aftermarket stuff).
JohnTill - VA                2000 Blazer 202 w/ 225 Merc ProMax                                              1/16