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BASSCAT Likes & Dislikes

Likes: Great product/awesome quality all over/rock solid boat and finish/awesome ride/great improvement on the trailer. There is no doubt why this brand name boats Bass Cat are so awarded for 5 years in a row. I had a 2008 Skeeter and honestly the quality is by far inferior with this upper mentioned brand Bass Cat. 
Dislikes: NONE
Marconi306 - NV     2009 Bass Cat Cougar FTD w/250 Merc Pro XS               
Been in many different brands, sizes, with different hp motors. BassCat Puma separates itself from all other brands. Awesome holeshot, great top end and easy to drive. 
I do not like the oversized console or the oversized seats, When making a long run it takes its toll on your back. Cockpit style seating with more leg room (I'm 6'4") would make this boat perfect.
Talquinguide - FL    2007 BassCat Puma w/225 Merc ProXS                              
I've been in all brands, the BassCat handles the best in all condition. Its trim responsive not like some and it hauls ass. No dislikes, awesome fun.
Basscat Australia
     2008 BassCat Cougar FTD w/250 Merc pro XS                 
The P4 is the best rig on the water. I like the rough water ride especially, as this is where the P4 really shines. Has a sweet spot where it will handle anything thrown at it and the ride is exceptional!  Love all the storage, the two rod boxes, the unique net holder for fully extended net ready to go, and the width of the boat really fishes solid. NO DISLIKES, other than the ice chest lid, which is a little small for someone with a size 14 shoe!  And if that's all I have to complain about that means this boat is AWESOME!  I will have another BassCat, and it will probably be another P4, as it's the perfect size rig for me. D. 
Dbasketman - AR        2004 BassCat Pantera 4 w/200 Merc Optimax                
Likes:  I really like the hole shot and top speed and ride of this boat.  It is by far the fastest and smoothest riding 18 foot boat I have ever rode in.  Has lots of space, good balance, and looks fantastic!  I stayed with the EFI, due to having one before for 8 years that was never in the shop. 
Dislikes:  I have only one, chine walking.  I have done about everything I can think of and it still chine walks.  This is my first BassCat.....I won't own another boat but a BassCat!!
Gunny Woodpecker - VA      2004 BassCat Sabre w/150 Merc EFI                     
I love the rough water ride! I love the holeshot! Nothing else compares! Very fast out of the hole....midrang speeds put you back in your seat when you punch it! Top end great for a 19 foot boat...no other 19's can run with me, I'm even outrunning bigger boats in rough water.
I was a Merc man but I have realized Yami's are the truth!  Great service, great ride, boat was setup from the factory to really run. I have not seen another boat that comes close to comparison. I have no dislikes at all....well maybe....the 20 foot Cougar model has caught my eye and I am a little jealous that the Cougar can run in the 80's.  My Classic is running 76.8 gps with myself and fishing gear, 1/2 tank of gas...74.2 myself, partner and full fishing gear.
Michaeljen1 - FL      2005 BassCat Classic w/ 200 Yamaha                                  
I like the rough water ride, for a 19 ft. boat it can't be beat.  I like the fit and finish and no stress cracks anywhere.  The customer service is the best I've seen.  The hull is the fastest I have owned out of the 13 boats I've had.  The boat has good lift and a dry ride.  The Mercury Opti has really surprised me with the fuel economy and blistering top end.
I have run EFI's in the past and was scared of the Optis but so far so good.
Dislikes: The trolling motor basin because I use a hand control motor and built in flasher.
BassCat does not make a full fill in for this model boat, only a half fill in which leaves a hole for everybody to step in when getting in from the bow.  The deck insert is only a flat piece with no compartment.  BassCat makes an insert with dry storage in it but not in this model.
The trailer is light on the tongue because they did not compensate for the added weight of the 3.0 Opti.  I had to add weight to the nose of the trailer.
But it is the best brand boat I have owned.  It is my second Cat and won't be my last I hope.
Stboy1 - TX           2000 BassCat Pantera Classic w/200 Merc Optimax               
Although only 17' 2", it fishes like a much bigger boat due to its width. Single Console (passenger just has to deal with it), large livewells with recirc.  12 years old and NO stress cracks.  No soft spots in floor either.  Well made boat.  Only dislike is the way the bow is made, boat has a tendency to "spear" waves if driver not paying attention to navigating rough water.
Buckselectric - AR    1990 BassCat Caracal w/135 Mariner                                   
Likes: Takes the rough water really well and has a good cushioned ride.  Like the recess for the foot control on the troll motor, but could have a more compressed design.  Good dash unit and easy access to mount depthfinders behind windshield.  Good, roomy, deep consoles.
Dislikes: No storage behind seats, could minimize fuel tanks to allow for a compartment.
Narrow passage between consoles, and would love to see two large rod boxes such as the Champion or Cobra has.  Have to think about pulling rods in or out of the rod boxes.  Cleats to the rear present a problem.
No more Zercom electronics, and think this will be the last Mercury.....customer service is awful.  Glad to see the Yamaha.  BassCat is responsive to their customers and don't push problems off but try to satisfy the customer.
Tahoe - TX             01 BassCat Pantera III/DC w/200 Merc EFI                            
Love the solid ride and feel. Workmanship is very good.  Junior has been very helpful with questions I had.  The flipping deck with storage was a much needed item and works well for me.
I dislike the bp2000, my 1st one lasted about 8 months before replacing it with the 2nd one.
This one, the fuel and temp never worked from the get go.  I have heard they no longer use them in the new models.  Anyone else having trouble?  Darnell Marine, Murray, KY has been very helpful and has ordered the 3rd one.
Maddog - KY          00 BassCat Cougar w/225 Merc EFI                                          
Likes: Solid construction, rough water ride, recessed TM foot pedal basin, fit 'n finish, customer service, access to bilge compartment, digital dash, well built trailer, storage under seats, appearance and design of boat, color-combo I chose, which was Blueberry bolts and cap inlay w/ Sand Gold outline stripes on a White cap, hull and bottom.  Solid deck lids, speed, stability, clean wiring organization, Yamaha VMax, good carpet, high freeboard, stainless grab rails, good looking aluminum trailer tire rims, ample storage, no stress cracks in gelcoat anywhere.
Dislikes: Odd shape of bow nose, location and placement of rear cleats, bench seats located too far back from console, trailer wheel bunks obstruct ability to wax portions of side of boat.
Layout of deck surrounding recessed TM basin could be cleaner to allow easier passenger step-in and boarding ability, deck insert blocks pole seat insert hole in the middle of the boat.
Would prefer two long rod boxes, would prefer for better weight centering - a single 40+ gallon fuel tank vs two 26 gal. tanks on each side of the boat, fill the tank on the driver's side only and it really causes the boat to lean to one side.
Whitecap - TX          01 BassCat Pantera III w/200 Yamaha VMax                          
Likes: Easy to fish, hull is solid, no stress cracks, recessed foot for TM, Invitational Tournament, quick response on all my emails, GREAT customer service.
Dislikes: Boat: Hard to load on trailer, top cap has slight yellow tint (white boat)
Motor: Stator burnt, bad voltage regulators, water hose broke (filled bottom cowling with water)...
My biggest complaint is with my trolling motor: LOUD, lousy customer service, bent shaft, Screwy Gator Mount, runs only on high in rain or lots of dew, and I can't get rid of the interference on my Eagle Optima....oh yeah, it's a MotorGuide 36V 81# Tour Edition.
My next boat will be a BassCat Cougar with a MinnKota and maybe a VMax.....
ChunkNWind - OK     99 BassCat Pantera Classic w/ 200 Mercury EFI                    
Likes: Love the ride in the rough stuff, Winnipesaukee will beat the heck out of you on a weekend and this boat cuts right thru it all, great speed for only having the 175.  Storage is good. Love the flipping deck. Not a crack in the boat after all this time. Easy to drive.
This was my first high horsepower boat and it's been real easy learning to drive at speeds approaching 70. Not a bit of chinewalk to contend with.
Dislikes: If you have a spare tire laying under the tongue make sure you pull it off the spare hub and put rubber washers in between the wheel and the hub.  Tried to get my spare off to replace a low tire and NO WAY.  The hub needed to be put on a press to get my spare with a porta power to separate the hub and the wheel.  Sounded like ann M-80 going off when they separated.  If you get a non-boater, watch the hooks on their rods to make sure they don't get caught in the upholstery.  
All my other complaints about this model have been addressed when the Pantera III came out.
Basser1741 - MA     97 BassCat Pantera II w/97 175 Johnson FastStrike                     
Great boat, plenty of storage, excellent quality. 
In my opinion the boat has the best rough water ride on the market.  The boat may not have the top end speed other boats have, but I will take a better ride over speed any day.
The digital dash cannot be beat.  I would not own another boat other than a Cat.
I have a Merc Optimax and cannot say enough good things about it.  Great gas mileage and reliable.
Basscat0616 - LA       00 BassCat Jaguar w/225 Merc Optimax                                      
Likes: This is a fine boat. Very smooth ride in all water. The flippin' deck option gives a tremendous amount of room up front. After 7 years this boat looks new still. One thing I love is that the boat has zero stress cracks and this boat has been in the roughest water and over rough Arizona dirt roads.  The trailer has no cracks or rust and fits the boat perfectly.  Call Basscat and they will answer your questions over the phone and send you parts or whatever.
Dislikes: Their website wasn't finished last check so I can't order a BassCat jacket. The front flasher is erratic and I can't find the y-connector to the transducer to clean the connection.
I love the superdash display but the backlighting quit.
GJTaylor - AZ            93 BassCat Pantera II w/ 200 EFI Mariner                                  
I love my boat, I'm the second owner of it but I bought it from a friend.  The boat runs great and looks great too.  For being a '93 model it still looks like new.  It turns heads often wherever I am.  The motor is nice and quiet and pushes the boat well.  It's a very solid boat even in rough water.  I rode in a new 206 Champion and wouldn't trade my Cat for the Champion.  I've owned the boat for 3 years now and I can't find anything that I dislike about it at this time.  I would definitely buy another one.
BassCat 315 - TX      93 BassCat Pantera II w/ 150 Johnson FastStrike                        
Likes: Just got this boat two weeks ago, great so far.  Have been able to run it up to about 57 with full load and two guys.  Got 60+ with just me and smaller relative (also full load). This boat really flies, handles good at all speeds. (This is my first fiberglass boat, was running a Tracker ProV 16 @ 25 mph before so what do I know about handling?).  Love the design/look/color of this boat, looked over a lot of other brands/sizes before buying, but this one was the best overall quality/look for the money and fits straight into my garage with swing-away tongue trailer.

Dislikes:  So far none, but I did get a lot of extras with this boat that the standard model doesn't come with, i.e. lighted lockers, cleats, flippin' deck, high back seats, taller windshields, Pinpoint on bow, hydraulic seat stands, etc.
Tom - CA         01 Basscat Sabre w/ 135 Merc Optimax                                                    
I like just about every detail of my Jaguar.  It's one incredible fishing platform.  However, there always seems to be room for improvement.  For instance, the bench seating.  It needs the bucket style seating.  Not like everyone else's.  They need that one of a kind Bass Cat touch to set them apart from the rest.  The only other improvement that I could see is another storage unit behind the passenger seat just like the one behind the driver's seat.  I know the room is there.  Other than that, I just can't see any room for improvements at this time.  Bass Cat, a leap ahead of the pack !!!
Andy - NV        99 Basscat Jaguar  w/225 Yamaha                                                            
Nothing to dislike about the boat, trailer or people associated with the company.  Part of this is because Mountain Home did an excellent job in selecting the Dealer where I bought the boat.  Storage is not a problem for us but we probably don't take enough gear when we go out.  Dry storage under the seats is much better than fuel.  I should have bought the lighted option for the rod lockers and livewells but with catch and release we don't look in the livewell often.
We are family fishers and don't get involved with the T hassle so some of our likes may not fit those people.
Lambo - GA       1998 Basscat  Pantera Classic  w/150 Merc EFI                                      10/7