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ASTRO Likes & Dislikes

Love the deck space and storage. The ride is smooth and dry. Holeshot is great, still working on set-up for top end. My only minor dislike is having the carb 200. Hoping to upgrade to a 200 Pro XS.
Bluepit1025 - FL       1990 Astro 19 Quickfire w/2.4L 200 Merc                                           
We love our Astro!! It's fast and quick out of the hole. The Opti will sip gas if you want it to or jump up and scream down the lake wide open during tourneys. Had to replace the ECU but other than maintenance we've had no problems. Very solid boat and it will take the weather. We were caught in a storm last year, had 4 to 5 foot white caps and she took us right through it safely.
We got wet but never swamped the bow. Great boat, too bad they stopped making them. Well they still make ProCraft but....
BearBIA - SC            1999 Astro 1800 DC w/150 Optimax                                                    
I bought this boat used only a month ago. It's a sharp looking Blue/Gold 18' Fish & Ski.
I love the storage except have already damaged one rod due to the lack of rod storage. Boat is plenty fast enough at 64 mph GPS with the Merc 150. The previous owner didn't keep the boat covered well and the gelcoat on the topside is faded some (any advice?). Kids love the boat too. Very comfortable to fish. Love the boat!
DadWentFishin' - NC       1999 Astro 18' Fish & Ski w/150 Mercury                                 
Boat runs great, fast. What I don't like is that it pulls real hard to the right....
Westerndigger - CA       93 Astro S-17B w/ 115 Mariner                                                     
Love the boat...have had it since it was new. Got the fish and ski so I could fish tournaments and my family could enjoy the water also.  I have run off and left many other boats from the dock and wouldn't have changed a thing except maybe a longer rod storage.
Bassman - TX       88 Astro 18' Fish & Ski                                                                             
I bought the boat used in March '99. When I first got the boat had pretty good luck with the motor but about 6 months later began having problems. Took it back about 5 times before they finally got the bugs out, factory updates.  Still have a little problem with chinewalk from time to time.
Boat has been great, have plenty of storage space.  Boat runs about 62 mph with my wife and I, no problems with it, but have replaced the boat tiedowns a couple of times.  
Looking at replacing boards on trailer this winter.  Spent too much money to let it sit in back yard. I use it between 48 to 50 weeks a year.  Shame they don't make Astros anymore.....
Robert - TX         98 Astro X185 DC w/150 Mariner Optimax                                             
I bought my Astro new in '91.  As for the boat itself, I've had many comments how nice it looked.  It has always been garage kept.  I'm running a 4" Turbo jackplate and 23" Turbo prop for fairly nice handling and top gps speed of 61 mph @ 5900 rpm.  My Merc has had a few mods (solid mounts, high compression heads) and still starts and runs strong.  I did get some deep gouges in the bottom sides after about 3 years when the inner fasteners for the fender boards came through the boards, so I had to replace those and change the way they were mounted, (poor design.)
Now I have to get some upholstery work done on the bench seat because it is starting to split at the seams in the center.  Too bad I can't contact Astro anymore for replacements.  I am planning on a new bassboat in the next year or so, won't be an Astro.
Geno - IN              91 Astro 18 FDX w/150 Merc XR2                                                       
I bought this boat used in 1992.  I just can not get the boat to perform to my desires.  I have a 6" jackplate and a 24 Trophy on this rig.  I can not get the boat over 60 mph and the tach runs between 4900 and 5000 rpm.  I have raised the motor and still have good water pressure.
I have about 1 inch of adjustment left on the jackplate.  Any help would be appreciated.
P.S. When I bought the boat it had a 21" Laser prop and the rpms were the same.
Livejim56 - SC      93 Astro 18DCX w/150 Merc XR4                                                          
I really don't have any dislikes at all.  I bought the boat last spring and got a great deal on it
and absolutely love all the storage that this boat has!!  I can fit all my gear and I still have 
plenty of room to spare.  This boat really handles the rough water!!  It goes plenty fast, 63.4 mph (gps) for a big heavy boat is just fine for me.  The livewells are plenty big.
All electronics work beautifully.
The only dislike is that Astro no longer makes bass boats, it's a shame that they are exclusive to the pleasure boat market.  I wish the Marine Group website at least had some decent Astro merchandise.  For any one considering buying an Astro, I would say go for it, you can get these boats for a great price and you will love the rig!!
Jeff - MN           93 Astro 20 DCX w/200 Merc 2.5L EFI                                                       
I like the weight, stability, and ride quality.  I have had zero problems in three years of service. 
I dislike the overall speed, but this is correctable with jackplate and engine mods.
Boat really performs well.
Turby - NC          97 Astro 1800 w/150 Merc                                                                         

Boat is a total piece of junk.  Has been at repair shop 5 out of the 9 months I have owned it.
Still not repaired.  Dealing with the warranty department at The Marine Group is a big laugh.
(Except they are the only ones laughing - they have my money).
Anyhow, before you buy one of their products, please think real hard about it.
Meisal - MO       99 Astro F/S 172 w/125 Merc                                                                     12/6/01