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ALUMACRAFT Likes & Dislikes

This boat has been great for me! Alumacraft builds their boats like tanks! The double plated hull is unbelievabley stout and handles nicely. Performs great even on bigger waters. Best aluminum bass style boat I have ever seen. It has an enormous rear deck and livewell and is super stable for its size. I upgraded to a MinnKota Terrova 101 which will knock you down if you put on full power! Great for lakes with horsepower limites. I'm not sure why Alumacraft stopped making this model. It's a shame I have to sell it!
Dislikes: Front deck is too short for two anglers to cast comfortably from and rod storage is too short for 7'+ rods. 
Gravie - IL          1998 Alumacraft Phantom 170 w/125 Merc                                            
This is a really great little boat. For a rowboat type hull (although it has decks and several amenities), it's incredibly stable. Two grown men standing on either side and not a bit of lean.
All we got is a Thruster 55# trolling motor but it's fine for use and we don't have to pay for gas!
It's also great in chop. If durability is a factor for you, then you are reading about the right boat.
I've hit it off of rocks, stumps, rocky shorelines, about everything! If you wanna have a great time fishing for whatever it might be, you need Alumacraft!
T.J.Carden - PA     2004 Alumacraft V14 w/55# Thruster                                                    
Likes: Bought this boat when lakes were low to save on wear and tear on the Champion.
Now my favorite, slow, rough, but fun. 35 mph seems slow until you're in a foot of water\!!
Gets through the skinny water and brush to find the deep holes.
Dislikes: Need a 115 with a jet to get real skinny.
Drkbrew - TX      94 Alumacraft 1860 Tunnel Hull w/70 Yamaha                                        

Can't find rubber gasket for fuel cover.  Filling the gas tank takes forever.  Must pump very slow or gas flows back.
Jeff - WI               88 Alumacraft Competitor w/ 60 Johnson                                                12/26/02