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ALLISON Like & Dislikes

On my 2002, I would like a nice hatch access to the front storage area like that of the 2003 but with a bigger hatch lid and maybe some lighted compartments.
Mike 2002 - KY            1994 Allison XB2002 w/200 Merc ProMax                                     
Speeeeeeeed !!!
Eatsushi - ID                 1997 Allison 2003 w/225 Merc ProMax                                           
Likes: The compatible Speed and Fishability.  It will get there QUICK!, and once there, fishes with ease.  Gets into tight places and back out with NO problem.  The boat is "LIGHT", so it takes no effort of the trolling motor to turn and maneuver.  When in windy waters, she keeps the wind at my back.
Dislikes: Only 1 !  That my wife has to sit behind me!  The back of my head gets sore from her knockin' HELL OUTTA ME" for goin' TOO FAST !!!
XBuddawg2002 - LA     1998 Allison XB2002 w/225 Evinrude                                               

Like: I can fish all morning, ski and race all afternoon!  It can seat 4 adults comfortably in their own seats!  Fuel economy and speed is excellent.  It also has the best fiberglass work I have ever seen in a boat.
Dislikes: Having to put up with people saying that it is not very fishable or that it doesn't handle rough water very well!  hehe...  Actually, I wish the compartments on the front and rear deck were fully carpeted and flush with the rest of the floor.
JimmyB - WI      1988 Allison XTB-21  w/1998 Merc 150 EFI                                                10/12